10 Problems The Opening Of The Jag Modeling Agency Will Expose

What do you think about Ford Models dropping their plus model division?

As much as I want to celebrate the opening of the Jag Modeling Agency which has plans to feature plus size models in a way that agencies like FORD Models did not seem to see as important, I still have a few issues with the spirit behind the opening of the agency. With that said, before you tar and feather me, hear me out. There are still a few things missing from the plus model puzzle that need to be talked about.

Ten years ago the term plus model did not exist and the only model on the block of note was Emme as far as breaking the ground in the area of plus modeling. We have seen Crystal Renn come and go Robin Lawley and Ashley Graham are being talked about, but have you noticed there is typically only one or two plus models being talked about on the mainstream channels at any given time while there are scores of other sizes being promoted.

10 Problems The Opening Of The Jag Modeling Agency Will Expose

  1. Designers STILL are not making samples of clothes to fit the plus model silhouette
  2. There are not enough casting agents willing to represent plus models
  3. There are not enough photographers experienced in shooting plus models
  4. There are too many modeling agencies with plus model divisions that they neglect
  5. Plus Model Magazine and Volup 2 cannot be the only sources for plus model exposure
  6. There are not enough makeup artists focusing on the plus model industry
  7. Many mainstream retailers are still not willing too use plus models aka size 18 and up in their print media campaigns
  8. Fat shaming is at an all time high as it relates to plus models and the plus size community in general
  9. There is still rampant size discrimination on the fashion runways around the world
  10. The segregation of plus models and the plus size consumer in advertising marketing programs

There are actually more than ten issues going on in the plus model community, but these are the ones that stick out in my mind at the moment. Now that I have calmed down from being upset that Ford Models feels they should no longer be associated with the plus model community I can thank them. Without their push the founders may not have had the inspiration to start Jag.

Allison McGevna - Dorthy Combs Modelling Agency

Allison McGevna – Dorthy Combs Modelling Agency

Congratulations to the founders of the Jag modeling agency and the 30 models including Jennie Runk who most will remember from the H&M ad campaign earlier this year. My prayer for the opening of the JAG Modeling Agency is for it to be the beginning of a movement that will see models like those featured on Plus Model Magazine as the Hottest Bodies in the Plus Modeling Industry everywhere.

P.S. I hope that the Jag Modeling Agency features models like Allison McGevna whom I think is the archetype for what is special about plus models everywhere.

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