2013 Plus Size Prom Dresses

Plus teens, if you have not already started your planning for prom it quite alright. A word of caution, the Spring 2013 plus size prom dresses are coming out soon and the best styles will go fast so you should really start your planning now.

For those who have no clue about prom because you are still buzzing from the Christmas season there is no need to fear.  I have a few helpful tips that will come in handy regardless as to what your scheduling or budget is.

If you are attending an April/May your plus size prom dress duties should include:

  1. Buy your dress today! Wait until the week of the event to have your final fitting to factor in weight fluctuation
  2. Purchase all of your accessories at least every other week leaving a minimum of 21 days before the event to have everything gathered
  3. Have your hair and nails done at least 24 hours BEFORE the event.  Your makeup should be done right before the event
  4. Wear your shoes a few hours before the event to break them in.  Breaking them in on the dance floor is not advisable
  5. Have a dress rehearsal of your entire outfit at least one week prior to prom night to allow time to make any changes
  6. Have a backup to everything in your outfit.  It will keep you from having to run around last minute looking for anything that messes up
  7. Try to sit and relax for as much of the day of the prom as possible

For years I have been promoting plus size prom dresses from Sydney’s Closet as the go to place for plus teens. 2013 will be no different.  Depending on the type person you are the dress you wear for prom can also be worn for Homecoming later this year. If not you can just buy another great dress when the Homecoming styles come out.

The dresses below are some of the new styles. There are so many that I like it was hard to make a choice. If you don’t like the new stuff and want to show your curves in some classic dresses Sydney’s Closet carries classic plus size prom dresses as well.

Note: Some styles listed on the website will not be available til later this month or the first of February. Check the website for full details.

cosmopolitian distinction Fly me away


Shop 2013 Plus Size Prom Dresses at Sydney’s Closet!


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