5 Must Have Items for Curvy Girls on the Move

What things are in your closet that you could not think about living without?  I mean must have items that as far as you are concerned a person’s closet is empty if these pieces are not included. As a man I think of a closet as a utility belt and being as such needs to meet your wardrobe need in calm times as well as when the storm hits.

Below are 5 must have items for curvy girls on the move, at least in my opinion which I just so happen to think is a good one.  Not only will you be ready to roll out no matter the situation but you will have dozens of outfit combinations from five simple pieces.  Add in accessorires and shoes and the fun really starts.

5 Must Have Items for Curvy Girls on the Move

Black Pants –  Regardless as to the type of work or play you are involved in, you can’t go wrong with black pants.  It is so easy to match other items with.  A word of caution when it comes to wearing black pants.  It is perfectly fine to have more than one color pant.  Don’t fall into the plus size trap of having multiple colors in your closet and they are all a different shade of black!





Old Navy Womens Plus Collarless Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket – Denim will never let you down.  Casual, comfortable, and warm in a freezing office.  That cami you think is to racy for the office can instantly put you in compliance if you cover it with a denim jacket.  Experiment with different styles and cuts to give different looks.  Personalize your jacket with unique patches or rhinestones, yes I said rhinestones!







Addition-elle Women's Plus Size White Sleeveless Wrap Blouse 26Lacy Blouse – Not only will a lacy white blouse give you polished look, but like the other items mentioned so far can be mixed with other items in your closet easily.  For a different look search for a long sleeved lace shirt with a french cuff.  Pair some exotic looking french cufflinks with the shirt to add some color to your look.






Colorful Dress – I know everybody wants to default to the LBD, but what if your default was the LCD (Little Colorful Dress)?  If you get the right style and cut this type of dress will be appropriate for work, after five, or even semi-formal occasions.  A wrap dress, asymmetrical, or A-line would be great choice.  While I am a big fan of the Maxi-dress I would avoid it in this particular scenario.






Colored Denim – For those who were unaware. Denim comes in colors other than navy blue and black.  By simply adding color to your denim wardrobe you have expanded the possibilities of what you can wear regardless of the occasion. Whether it is a pair of pants, an oxford shirt, or a skirt, adding color is the quickest and simplest way to add some zip to your closet.


In this area the sky is the limit.  The bigger variety you have in the shoe department the easier it is to give the illusion you have an endless closet of clothes when all you have is core pieces that you smartly mix and match.


Once again go for the gold, when it comes to accessories.  The more accessories you have to go with your wardrobe the more looks you can pull off without having to spend extra money.

In the end, having these must have items will give you plenty of ideas on expanding your wardrobe.  The important thing to note is starting with a core set of items allows you to add or take away, to as I stated earlier will give the illusion you have more clothes than you actually do.

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