5 Plus Size Tailoring Tips

Today’s guest blog post is from Ted Corbitt a writer and blogger for Balani.

Many wardrobe problems for plus size women today whether you are short, tall, skinny, can be solved with a well-tailored suit. Additionally, a great fitting suit can make the difference between looking sloppy and sophisticated. For plus size ladies with limited budgets, an investment in a well-tailored suit is an investment that will bring you a big return.

It is no secret everyone wants to always look their best, or at least to look their best most of the time. As a result you may spend lots of time and money trying to look better. Whether it is with fancy makeup or creams, you can quickly blow your entire paycheck on new clothes. In extreme cases some undergo plastic surgery to achieve the appearance they are aiming for. Whether you are a professional tailor or you sew at home as a hobby, there is no reason you can’t have a well-tailored suit.

Plus Size Tailoring Tips

TAILORING TIP #1 – Make sure the pants fit in the derriere

It is important that your suit flatter you from all angles, and the back is just as important as the front. If you have pants that are too baggy in the rear end, take the time to make them fit right. Try putting the pants on inside out, and have someone help you pin up the back seam until you get the fit that you want. Measure your new fit, mark the curve, and sew the new fit together. Then add a topstitch that matches the pants.

TAILORING TIP #2 – Pick the right fabric

No matter what your size is, it is important that you choose the right fabric. Consider wool if you are making a suit for the winter. Boiled wool is also a good option. Both are warm and provide good movement.


Monroe Jacket and Pant from IGIGI

TAILORING TIP #3 – Go for a skirt

Consider wearing skirt suits instead of the traditional pants suit. Skirts are more flattering way of showing of your legs. Secondly, and more important when it comes to making the garment from scratch, skirts are easier to make than pants.

IGIGI and Monif C have taken tailoring for plus size women to a new level. Most of their garments are made to fit right off the rack, but even with that in mind you still need to keep a seamstress on speed dial!

TAILORING TIP #4 – Be cost conscious

Let’s face it getting anything tailored today is expensive, plus sizes are no exception. With that in mind you can either choose a less expensive fabric or get what your heart is set on, because after all you are getting a custom garment. Just be aware that you may have to pay more than normal.

TAILORING TIP #5 – Make a dress

Another option is to make a dress, which can easily be worn with a blazer to make a suit. Dresses are more comfortable and easier to make than pants. A-frame dresses and wrap dresses can be cranked out in no time.

The bottom line when it comes to tailoring, whether it is a suit or any other garment for plus sizes is to become one with your inner seamstress or have a seamstress on speed dial. If you are going for fit instead of the number on the tag then altering your clothes is the same as breathing.

Ted Corbitt is a writer and blogger for Balani.  Ted enjoys tailoring his and his family’s clothing and enjoys reading up on the latest trends in personal style.TABITHA" COLORBLOCK DRESS WITH SCALLOPED HEM


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