6 Reasons ZARA Does Not Sell Clothes in Plus Sizes

After watching the Good Morning America piece yesterday Fat Shaming of Middle America: Americans Too Big for Zara Clothes I was super proud of the bloggers featured and I started to think about why a retailer the size of ZARA would come out and say Americans are to fat for their clothes.

I was puzzled yesterday, but today I think I have a few reasons why a multi-billion dollar company would ignore the obvious and be guilty of foot-in-the-mouth disease.

Reasons ZARA Does Not Sell Clothes in Plus Sizes

  1. ZARA buyers are not very fashionable
  2. ZARA accountants don’t like counting extra money
  3. ZARA management don’t like extra money either
  4. ZARA fashion forecasters are ignoring the reports that plus size is the ONLY fashion niche reporting gains
  5. If they sold plus sizes, then ZARA would have to find something to do with the XXS(extra extra small) models
  6. ZARA sales associates would have to treat plus size customers like everyone else

I could actually go on in talking about reasons ZARA has decided to ignore a fast growing niche that would make their focus on fast fashion go even faster. For those who are not aware what fast fashion is hold on to your seats. Fast fashion, in a nutshell means the company changes over 60% or more of their inventory every two weeks. Yes, you read right in 14 days, ZARA turns over almost the entire inventory of the store. Now with the popularity of the plus size niche do you think they could make some money if that model was spread across over 1400 stores?

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Stores like H&M and Forever 21+ have made billions using the fast fashion model and have done so by somewhat including plus sizes. Let me be nationalistic for a moment.  When it comes to worldwide fashion without the United States buying into a company they will not survive long term.  For this reason plus size merchants in other countries are setting up an online presence in the United States. Money tends to make folks do strange things. Go figure.

If ZARA wanted to sell only to XXS market then they should have never entered the US market and for sure should have never set up shop in of all places New York. Even though I could think of many more humorous reasons why ZARA does not sell plus size clothing, I can make one serious claim. It will not cost millions more to make larger sizes any more than it would cost more to make XXS.

The bottom line is You the owners of ZARA look at the plus size woman and big and tall man as non-entities that are not worthy of your store. A very wise woman once told me, “You do not have to beg me to spend my money.” Though not many people will do this I will exercise my right to never shop at ZARA because I think the statement was offensive and cold hearted. Why not shop and Australian plus size merchant City Chic and just ignore ZARA.

  • http://www.smartjeansreviews.com Sarah Nicholson

    I believe it’s a strange decision by Zara to ignore the commercial gold mine that is the plus size fashion market. I agree with you that if Zara had done their country or market specific research of the demographics in the US, they would have realised that servicing the XXS end of the market isn’t a large market in the US.

  • Bridgette

    It’s hard to make larger sizes since the larger people become the bigger variations in their bodies. Hence they may have a bigger bottom or oversized arms. A size 0 is pretty much up and down. Once someone gets past a 10 generally there are large differences in their body types. By size 16 it’s hard to make clothes profitable since people store fat in different places. If you are very tall and proportionate it’s easier to fit larger sizes that if the person is generally overweight. I agree there is a problem with fashionable clothes being available but most of these companies are in the business to make money. Zara makes a mint selling overseas where waistlines are not expanding to such an extend so they don’t see a need to compete for business in the U.S. It’s sad but true.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA


      While I appreciate your comment I respectfully disagree with it. If you look at measurements instead of sizes then it would be just as easy to create clothes for a size 16 as it is for a size 6. The problem is not a factor of weight, it is a factor of being stingy with the tape measure, which is why a size 16 will fit 100 different women 100 different ways because the designers design based off a fit model who in most cases does not fit the the majority demographics of the world, not just the US. If Zara wants to make a mint overseas with that model that is great, but if they want into the US market they really need to change their model to last.

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