8 Tips on Recognizing Quality Plus Size Fashions

Have you ever purchased something and it fell apart after 2-3 times in the washing machine?  One of the areas that plus size fashion is taking a beating in is the influx of poorly constructed clothes that are flooding the market to try and turn a quick buck.  Recognizing quality is not hard to do, most of us just need a refresher course in the finer points of knowing what to look for when shopping to ensure the purchase of a quality product.

  1. Double stitched hems on all seams -good
  2. Dresses that come with a lining – good
  3. The material is not translucent unless that is the way it is supposed to be – good
  4. The cut of the garment takes into account the person wearing it is larger – good
  5. If the material rubs off when rubbing between your fingers – bad
  6. High end fashion at unusually low prices – bad
  7. Size tag shows obvious signs of being tampered with – bad
  8. Budget names for unusually high prices – bad
Igigi Plus Size Talia Maxi Dress-14/16

Igigi Plus Size Talia Maxi Dress-14/16

Obviously, with any tip list most of the items are just plain common sense, but with the plethora of items on our fashion plates these days it is sometimes easy to miss the obvious clues.  A good example of quality plus size fashion can be found with the Igigi Plus Size Talia Maxi Dress. I can tell you from witnessing firsthand the items that my wife has purchased that IGIGI has quality clothing at a great price and can easily serve as the template for what to look for when shopping for quality clothing.

Happy Shopping!!!

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