9 Mistakes to Avoid as a Plus Model

Plus modeling has been on the minds of lots of people lately and with the latest issue of Plus Model Magazine making national news, plus modeling is getting more attention than ever.

I have been running the “plus size beauty of the week” for over three years now and of the hundreds of ladies who have submitted their photos many are professional models while many are aspiring models.

The goal of my rambling is to point out a few mistakes in my opinion as a blogger reporting on plus modeling.  I am not an insider nor have I ever been on a working photoshoot.  My opinion comes from looking at photos submitted to me as well as the image I see of ladies on the Internet especially with the rise in popularity of social media.

Plus Model Mistakes

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. profiles with hundreds of photos
  2. Mixing personal photos with modeling photos
  3. Not showing a professional image online
  4. Portfolio page with inappropriate music
  5. Inappropriate Internet tags associated with your modeling career
  6. Grainy cell phone-Mirror pictures used for submission to paying jobs
  7. Cropped group pictures as part of your portfolio
  8. No updated photos in your portfolio
  9. No portfolio


There are literally hundreds of things to suggest, but only two that matter.  If you are looking to be a professional plus model, then you need to approach your craft like you would any other job.  That means professionalism on all levels, from photos, to clothes, social media, and your overall image. If plus modeling is a hobby to you, then you still need to be professional, but when it comes to casting calls you may not be interested in doing as many.

Eventually, if you are serious about plus modeling full-time you may want to think about joining an agency.  Being with an agency means someone else will be responsible for getting you work.  If you decide to handle this portion of your plus modeling career on your own, then professional, professional, professional.  Just because you think it is cool or popular does not mean it will be appropriate for your career.  Finally, if you get a photoshoot, be on time and ready to work.  There are many people who are involved to make your photos look great.

Bonus Tip: If you are not prepared to work, then do not commit yourself to a photoshoot. Your lack of preparation and focus will make for a frustrating day on the set. Furthermore, if you approach your craft in that manner then plus modeling may not be for you.

Bonus Bonus Tip: Create a personal and a professional online presence.  The two should rarely cross paths.

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