A 2012 Plus Size Year In Review

Today is the first day of 2013.  As I review posts from 2012 and one of the things I must mention is I disagree with the article; Curves are officially in! First event dedicated to Plus Size clothing to be held during London Fashion WeekCurves have been in for a long time. 2012 saw more exposure than ever that’s for sure but the groundwork had been laid years ago.


Plus size models Rosie MercadoFluvia LacerdaAllison McGevna continued to make their mark on the plus size modeling arena. I must say that each of these ladies have become my favorite plus models and I love looking up to see them in yet another photoshoot for an up and coming or established plus size clothing company in which they are the featured plus models.


The hardest part of this month is that I lost my father and my bestest online friend plus model Vanessa Reece within days of each other. The drug Qnexa was introduced as another alternative weigh lost supplement. I thought it was a bad idea then and I still think it is a bad idea today. Another hot button on Full Figure Plus was the amount of black women featured as the plus size beauty of the week. The comments brought out some interesting points on modeling in general.

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda


Allison McGevna

Allison McGevna

Rosie Mercado

Rosie Mercado

vanessa reece

Vanessa Reece
10/03/1975 – 05/02/2012


Full Figure Plus went offline for a few weeks for the first time in the history of this blog. It came back online in March and the slow down was for sure an eye opener to me. The 2012 edition of the bloggers heading to FFFWeek™ was introduced. The great part about being able to meet and network with each of these bloggers is they each brought the plus size blog game to the next level.


Criticism of Venus of Willendorf Shows Size Discrimination Is Still AlivePlus size women from around the world are standing up for their right to quality work and trendy fashions. Plus size fashion from Domino Dollhouse and Clements Ribeiro debut. Evans, Simply Be, and City Chic continue the trend of international plus size companies targeting US audiences. The ERZULLIE RESORT 2012 Collection showcased nice plus fashion from the Philippines.

Domino Dollhouse

Domino Dollhouse


Pintrest begins to become an amazing resource for plus size photography. In true psa model Full Figure Plus talked about how to avoid dying from Lap-Band Surgery. Tablet computers are becoming all the rage and Bare Necessities becomes one of the first plus size lingerie sites to have a dedicated site for tablet computers. In totally non plus size related news I made my first trip out of the country in an amazing trip to Haiti that has forever changed me.

Jness Artwork on Pintrest

Jness Artwork on Pintrest


I attended Full Figured Fashion Week™ again and met some amazing people as well as saw some amazing clothes. I also discovered that Crocs come in styles other than hideously ugly! The amount of new plus size designers, at least to me were to many to name. The “fatkini” hit the scene with a conversation rushing across the Internet. The conversation about plus size and professional clothing came to light as well with fellow blogger Alissa from Stylish Curves being one of my favorites. Guest posting also began to pickup with many different voices coming to Full Figure Plus.

Alissa- skirt

Alissa of Stylish Curves


FFF Week Press Passes


Shanda Freeman debuted her clothing collection, the question was asked “Is the World Ready For plus size Male Models?”Because of an issue with the length of a dress from a plus designer it lead me to research the correlation between size and the length of a dress. The conclusion brought me more to the side of ignoring the number on the tag and paying attention to the measurements. Domino Dollhouse and other websites continue the trend of vintage clothing being made with plus sizes in mind.

Domino Dollhouse vintage inspired



Not only did my birthday happen during this month we found that size discrimination still exists from the comments on the previous season of Project Runway. Color blocking was the craze, especially in dresses. The Fuller Woman Expo expands and there is a controversy surrounding fake Christian Louboutin shoes. Cross sizing was introduced and Super Talented Plus Size Bloggers came to my attention or should I say my admiration including my friend Marie Denee the Curvy Fashionista. I am still jealous that Ty has more grey than me!


Gorgeous in Grey Ty Alexander

Gorgeous in Grey Ty Alexander


McDonald’s introduced calorie counts to their menu but I think I was the only one who noticed. LOL. Plus model favorite Velvet D’Armour introduces Volup2 magazine with some amazing photos and features. IGIGI introduces some cool dresses for the Fall. Vintage plus size Halloween costumes start to come out, with a particular emphasis on Bettie Page. The debate continued about the “fat tax” and thank goodness it was only a debate and has not gained much ground.

Volup2 Magazine

Volup2 Magazine


Pantone introduced the colors for 2013. The color of choice for Spring/Summer 2013 will be Monaco Blue. In looking at plus designers I rediscovered Qrystal Frazier Designs. Positive size acceptance was featured in posts like Why I Love My Wife’s Plus Size Body & iheartmybody Day. On the other side body shaming comes up again, but has a good outcome with Plus Model Magazine being featured on Good Morning America. Plus models got lots of love during this month with lots of tips all over the Internet focusing on the modeling industry.

QFD Ectasy Dress


I spent this month rediscovering plus size merchants from days gone by. Revisiting SWAK Designs was a welcome treat in looking for the perfect little black dress. Full Figure Plus turned eight years old and I came to the realization that somethings would be changing in how I approached blogging, but more more on that later. Colored tights and edgy jewelry made a splash in the world of fashion. The size discrimination thread continued with international merchant ZARA claiming they would not ever carry plus sizes. November also saw another appearance on Good Morning America for plus sizes.

Lola Dress
 from: Sealed with a Kiss Designs


The holidays brought posts about New years eve as well as how to survive the busy shopping season. Size charts came into play again with some helpful tips in how to read these sometime mystifying numbers. Additionally, Gok Wan came to the attention of plus sizes again with his homage to the past with his latest lingerie collection. Overall, it was a slow month blog wise with the changes that happened in my life. Regardless, Full Figure Plus will continue as always supporting plus sizes.

Sweet Luna Lace Dress, Black (Womens Plus Size)

Final Thoughts of 2012

2012 was a great year for plus sizes. Lots of accomplishments in all phases of the plus community. Many events, lots of successful people, blogs, designers, size acceptance and other things. I am honored to have been there to see a lot of the events happen and hope to be there to report all things plus size to you in 2013 and for years to come.

  • debra

    I am so glad that the plus size girl has come a long way being plus size since day one I remember how hard it was to keep me instyle with my older sister much smaller than me….now I don’t have to keep up with her in our 50’s she’s trying to keep up with me.

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