Are Social Networking Communities Good for Plus Sizers?

I have written my fair share on what I think about MySpace and other social networking communities.  After reading the Copy Blogger post “Are you someone’s User-Generated Content” I started to think about the number of upstart plus size companies have dedicated a lot effort to social networking.

In my opinion social networking is good as a way for plus size men and women in business to network.  I have made a few contacts via MySpace but I do not update my page enough to call it an extension of Full Figure Plus.  Like most bloggers when I created my blog I did so in order to set myself apart from others.  I wanted to give plus size men and women as many options available for making shopping decisions on the internet.

Another problem with social sites is they do not give the user full control over content or its distribution.  Also at the discretion of the site owners thousands of profiles can be deleted.  Ask long time users of Yahoo 360 what will happen to there content once that community closes though Yahoo has assured users that their content will be migrated over to whatever new community they come up with it is not a guarantee.  Since there is no way to back up a social media profile once it is gone there is not much that can be done beyond sending a complaint email.

Other reasons using social networking to heavily as a person or company can be bad:

  1. As a business solely promoting products on a free site gives a perception the business is cheap.
  2. Unless you are in the adult entertainment is having your company associated with a site that allows sex profiles good?
  3. Just because everybody is creating a MySpace or Twitter page is it right for you or your business.
  4. Constant social updates can take away from updating the main business blog or website.

I think that social networking is great for people that just want to get on the internet and have some fun.  For plus size bloggers like me who want to give readers a unique experience or for any one wanting to make a true impression on the plus size community it is much better to establish a stand alone brand.  Even if that brand is created on a free site it will still be unique for the visitor.  Creating a brand on social networking sites ultimately means someone else is going to profit or gain from the brand that you have worked to hard to build.

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