Bra glossary and plus size panty sets

I have talked many times over the course of my blogging that the reason that I got into blogging was becasue of the difficulty that my wife has had over the years finding a matching bra and panty set. In the almost 20 years that we have been together I have only in the last two years seen her in a matching set.
I have learned a lot in my research and passed most of that knowledge on to my readers. Sure most of you already know some of this information but to others its brand new. One of the stores that I have talked about a lot is Bare Neccessities. Though they areWacol bra for cancer support not a plus size lingerie store and they don’t have an extensive collection of plus size bra and panty sets there is lots of information on there website to help with your shopping experience.

The Bare Necessities Bra Glossary is a guide to walk you through the different types of bras as well as links to examples of those bras.  With sizes that go up to 52I its easy to find the size that you will need.  There are several of the bras that have a matching panty as well.
In line with Breast Cancer Awareness month if you prurchase a Wacol bras from Bare Neccessities they will donate $2 to the fight against breast cancer.

  • http://barenecessities.com Elaine Weber

    I searched for Bra size 40E… I got several sites to search. But each site only offers a 40DD…. and though they are close,, they are not the same fit. When I want a 40E, I don’t want a 40DD substitute. I’ve checked 7 sites,, all substitute 40DD. Your drivin’ me crazy.. my girls sit comfortably in a 40E! Can I get what I want?

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