Congratulations to Simone Charles Ms Curvaceous UK 2012

When I reported on the Ms Curvaceous UK contest originally my plan was to showcase curves from around the world with the readers of Full Figure Plus.

I must say I was surprised to be contacted by the organizers of the event thanking me for the coverage as well as updating me on the winner of the contest.

15 curvaceous aspiring models were selected from regional heats all over the UK and given an intense training program with a leading fashion choreographer and runway coach, Reuben P Joseph.

After a lot of deliberation from the judges the finalists were whittled down to the final 5 who answered questions from the 6 judges in front of the audience.

When it was decision time emotions ranged from disbelief, happiness and ultimately glory which struck the face of Simone Charles when Abi from Hughes Models Announced her as Ms Curvaceous UK. Natasha was announced 2nd place and Zizania 3rd.

Streamline Empire, a youth led organisation consisting of mainly 18 – 23 year olds exceeded all expectations with the biggest youth led event of 2012 the ‘Ms Curvaceous UK’. This annual competition promotes girls from size 12 and above who are unfairly phased out of the modelling world due to its unrealistic size restrictions.

Ms Curvaceuos UK Simone Charles(Sitting Down)

What I can gather from the photos of the entrants they represented a good slice of ladies of all sizes and shapes and for that I must take my hats off to the UK plus size community for an accurate presentation of curves.  Here is crossing my fingers to it taking a hold here in the US, but let me get back to the contest.

Streamline Empire strives to provide a platform that encourages diversity in the modelling industry, as well as create experiences and opportunities for individuals who need that encouragement to get started. They believe that big is beautiful and now they are bringing their vision to the UK for the word to see.

The aim was to empower women of size and it was clear that after holding Ms Curvaceous UK 2012 Streamline Empire will achieve this! Empowerment is something the worldwide plus size community needs to see more of.  Hopefully this contest will be around for decades to come.

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