Curvation Apparel: Plus size clothing inspired by Queen Latifah

If you have been waiting for a line of clothing from Queen Latifah the wait is now over. She has teamed up with Curvation to create Curvation Apparel a collection of clothing from jeans to career wear for sizes 12-22 in skirts and pants and up to 3x in tops.

The Curvation Apparel line of clothing is the brain child of Queen Latifah and her longtime stylist Susan Moses. “The Curvation Apparel line made its debut in a high-energy fashion show during the CURVATION(TM) Project Confidence Awards – a nationwide search to recognize women who project the power of confidence and encourage it in others.” At this time the clothing is only available online but I am sure that it will hit stores soon.

At this point the collection is small no doubt to gauge customer response to the clothes. Right now there are many items like the Zip Curvy Leg Jeans that you see in the picture with a black lace shirt. Materials used to make the different pieces range from Lambs Wool, Nylon, Spandex, Cotton, Silk, Rayon and Modal. The only drawback that I see at this point is that the clothing is not that affordable. Hopefully once it goes into a larger production bracket the prices will drop.

“Curvation Nation is the first on-line community of curvaceous women that champions the cause of confidence. Our goal is to support and inspire curvaceous women everywhere through discussion and social action. Along the way Curvation Nation will bring tips, ideas and Sensual & Livable intimates and apparel designed to inspire confidence in curvaceous women. Click here for more information about Curvation Nation.”

I expect to see a lot more from Queen Latifah in the area of plus size fashion. With each new designer or celebrity that comes out with a line of curvy clothing it brings things one step closer to seeing plus sizes everywhere and not just specialty shops and on the internet.

  • kim

    what happened to curvation? did the line go under? I can’ t seem to find it anymore online.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson


      According to the Curvation blog they stopped the blog at the end of February. I am not sure what that means in terms of the clothing line though.

  • Angie

    I came across a ton of curvation clothing today at a discount store in Covina, California.

    Fabulous stuff for under $10!

  • Jenine

    What store Angie??

  • rose

    live in flint mi… found the strapless bras n the spring …..now cant find them any where

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