Diary of a Plus Size Blogger: Reflection

Today is one of those days that I am not sure what to write about. Usually when I get like this I have a lot on my mind and the only way to get back to regularly scheduled blogging I just have to type until my fingers stop.

I have already said that being involved in the Problogger Group Writing Project has been a very positive experience for me. My post 11 reasons why 2007 will be the year for plus size fashion has been well received by many people. When I was checking my links this morning to see who was linking to me I noticed Dave from Eclectic Gamer was talking about his experience in the project and listed a few of his favorite reads and he mentioned Full Figure Plus. If you are a fan of games then be sure to check Dave’s blog out. I know as a result of reading his blog I will be checking out the Transformers movie next summer.

As time passes and I start to read on other blogs about how they enjoy what I have blogged about I feel better about the decision that I made to start this blog and do what I do.

Switching gears back to plus size related stuff I was reading over at Deluxe Grrl her struggle with whether she should promote weight loss on her blog and if readers of a plus size fashion blog would care about it. I for one believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and that is something that I will always promote in my writing.

I was in the same spot a few months ago when I was approached by eDiets to promote there program to my readers. My first thought was to say no because I don’t have a diet related blog and that my readers wouldn’t be interested. I later thought if I am promoting size acceptance then being healthy is a part of that and if I promote a program that educates the consumer about eating right and living a healthy lifestyle then I feel comfortable giving my opinion on it.

Though the foundation of Full Figure Plus is to provide shopping links for plus size men and women the advertising that is listed, which helps pay my hosting costs, are things that I think that should be relevant to my readers. I work hard to filter out things that are  not related to the content of this blog and will continue to do so in the future. I see myself as a service provider to my readers. With that in mind unless its just something that has to be said I won’t be blogging about home repair anytime soon.

I am still in search of a few blogging peers that I can bounce ideas off of.  Blogging full time can be lonely at times.  I have ideas I write about them and get a nice amount of comment feedback, but would love to have a group of people to talk to about the world of plus sizes and everything in it.  I would love to see a plus size version of the now famous blogging network b5 Media.  Bloogers that have different opinions of the same topic coming together for the better of everyone that reads the different blogs. If any of you know of other plus size bloggers that would like to link up in such a way feel free to contact me.

I guess I am done walking down the path of reflection. I feel a bit better about how I will approach the daily writing on my blog.  As always if you have any suggestion feel free to comment.

  • http://www.sizenet.com bob toovey

    Glen, I have just sent you an email, the idea of a plus size blogging network is something I have been thinking about for a while. Lets chat about this! – Bob

  • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson

    Bob I am all for it I will for sure be in touch with you

  • http://www.myspace.com/hunnybunny8975 Andrea

    Hey, whats up??

    My name is Hunny, HunnyB, aka HunnyBunny

    I can be your sister-in-bloggerhood… LOL

    Always online discussing something, very opinionated and LOVE to talk and debate about almost anything. Have long experience in being “fluffy” and a large (excuse the pun) array of antidotes and travel tales.

    Staturewise Im 5’7 as of this morning a luscious 295lbs which I’ve been told I carry quite well. Somehow through magic and/or intense determination I squeeze my hefty hinnie into a comfortable size 20, without my feet turning blue….LOL!

    Honestly I dont know, the tags say Im plus sized, but I seriously dont feel it. Until Im in a 4inch stiletto, but thats a topic for another blog.

    Anyhoo… dont allow me to ramble, as you see I have conversational “tourettes”, so you got to keep me FOCUSED!

    Feel free to write me back if you’d like to add me to your all-star team. Im ALWAYS online around somewherez.


    Ciao for Now

    Stay Hunny-licious!

    Muah XoxOxoX

  • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson


    Its nice to know that I have a sister in bloggerhood out there. Thanks for stopping by I hope to hear more from you on future postings.

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