Diet Pills and Plus Size Teens

In a question that I received from a reader it made me think about dieting again.  The question, “Do diet pills really work for teens?”  My Hollywood Squares response is sure they work, but we are still not sure what type of work they do.  Seriously, I think that it is a problem for anyone to take diet pills, but think that it is even worse when talking about a teenager that is not even fully developed.

The quicky weight loss problem is a direct result of people that want quick results for a slow developing situation.  For teens this is compounded in the world of Ipods, Tweeting, and text messaging so it is natural to think that they would want to just pop a pill and watch the pounds melt away.  Anyone that has witnessed the teen diet knows that nutrition is not a part of the equation and experimentation with things that would put most adults down is common.

Plus size teens today have the same issues that larger kids had in decades past, except that instead of there being only one or two kids that get teased and think of popping pills there are dozens in schools that have to deal with size discrimination and contemplate taking untested unproven drugs to try to lose weight and look more like the “in” crowd.

It would not suprise me if people that take pills for weight loss on a regular basis end up heavier in the long run that those that depend on diet and exercise alone.  If teens would put down the Ipods and video games and get outside more that would be a much better solution than downing a pill.

Teenagers typically think they are bulletproof so it is very troubling to think that a teen would think of dieting by artificial means.  On the other hand, it is just not in the DNA of a teenager to commit to things that will casue them to not be accepted by their friends so deiting and exercise would not go over well, which would make taking pills a better choice even though it is not the smartest one.

To parents that think that I am promoting kids taking diet pills, calm down.  I don’t think anyone particularly a teenager should take the easy way through digesting a pill that is going to probably make them throwup, go thorugh bouts of depression, or binge eat.  As a teenager there is so much more to life than taking the quick way to weight loss.  Set goals that are important to you and you alone and work towards your goal.  Don’t pay attention to fashion magazines, do read blogs like this one to get your daily dose of support on your road to living a more helathy life both physically and mentally.

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