Eloquii Becomes Another Plus Size Fashion Casualty

The Curvy Fashionista wrote an open letter to The Limited about their recent decision to shutter one year old plus size brand Eloquii. While I am saddened  by yet another big name company who jumped in feet first into the plus size arena only to flounder and get out to soon I am not surprised.

In my many years of covering the plus size community I have seen the selection grow, independent designers explode onto the scene, and the availability of plus size fashions rise where other portions of the fashion world are standing still.  With all that positive action why is it that big brands like The Limited are sputtering and closing their doors respectively?

eloquii tombstone

It is pretty simple advertising. Advertising and marketing is the life blood of a company. Without it the brand will die. As a result of little to no advertising this is the message that subscribers received last week.

A Special Message to our Fans

For more than a year, eloquii has served you by delivering quality, must-have fashion in sizes that highlight your confident curves. In return, you have given us great feedback about how we can better serve you.

We look forward to offering you new fashion at www.eloquii.com through the summer. However, after a year’s test at market, we have decided to phase out eloquii and we have begun discussions with others who have expressed an interest in the future of the brand and/or its products.

Thank you so much for your support and for your feedback as we developed and refined eloquii over the last year. We recognize that eloquii plays an important role in our fans’ lives and look forward to better serving our clients in the future.

After a year’s test at market, we have decided to phase out eloquii

Yes, that is the problem and the reason why Eloquii is going to close the doors with the excuse that the brand did not sell. Well if they would have simply reached out to the plus size community via bloggers who are also customers they would have been able to expand their base and grow the company in the same manner that IGIGI and Monif C have done.

I have been on the Eloquii email list since before the brand debuted, but I can count the number of times and it adds up to zero that someone connected to the company has reached out to me with even a press release talking about the brand. The same thing happened with Old Navy when they pulled plus sizes from the stores to online only. Just like with Eloquii they came onto the scene and left without the majority of the community even knowing they existed.

If the CEO leaving for a competitor left the brand without a vision for the future, putting on my MBA hat, there was no vision and the Eloquii brand was nothing more than a cash cow.  It appears that The Limited is about to take that cow out back and put a bullet in it’s head. As you can see from the photos of the items above Eloquii has some nice looking clothes. The website is easy to navigate and the prices are competitive.

Eloquii joins a growing list of plus size fashion causalities  It is quite sad because the brand held so much promise. If the fans of the brand were so important then why didn’t the company reach out to the plus size fashion community and ask the opinion of customers instead of opening up with a band then going out with their tail tucked between their legs?

  • http://grownupplus.com Rebecca

    While I agree with everything you said, I would add that they had something of a quality and consistency issue. For example, the gorgeous color blocked top above has some terrible reviews on the site due to odd sizing. I’ve had items from there fit both too big and too small. I’m just sad they didn’t give it time to work out the kinks.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA


      That’s unfortunate to hear. Quality issues are things that can be fixed. If they reconsider maybe they will take observations like yours into account.

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