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The pop culture chic of the Domino Dollhouse clothing line is certainly something for the daring and flourishing lady. This line of colorful and vivid clothing and accessories are sure to excite the body. The owner and designer Tracy Broxterman tells Full Figure Plus just how Domino Dollhouse was developed. She opens up about the birth of the brand stating, “Domino Dollhouse was born out of my love for fashion, but inability to find things that fit my alternative aesthetic in my size. I started by selling other brands, but found the selection quite dismal. I found a manufacturer to produce my own line and the rest is history!” This line is making great and diverse impacts on the plus fashion scene.

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Short Sleeve Snap Babydoll in Pink Velvet

Domino Dollhouse is proudly an American made clothing brand, running from sizes 14-28 or 1x-4x.  This broad opening for many women is a certain fit for all genres bringing out the youthful trends of today’s fashion. Tracy also adds that, “Domino Dollhouse strives to bring exciting, charming, and fun clothing and accessories to a market thirsty for more. While others give you water, we give you fruit punch!” Now that’s the alluring vibe you will see from the Domino Dollhouse collection. Full Figure Plus also got an insight on some of Domino Dollhouse’s hottest items this summer 2013 which are, the full zippered skirt in black metallic,short sleeve snap babydoll in pink velvet  and accessory item Kitty Bowler hat in black. With prices ranging $35-100, these dynamic and exclusive looks can be browsed and bought at your fingertips at http://www.dominodollhouse.com. There is free US priority shipping for all orders over $150. Domino Dollhouse releases new items “throughout the summer/early fall, but will release their Fall/Winter most likely in October or November of 2013″, states Tracy.


Zippered Full Skirt in Black Metallic Spandex

Wether you have a defined look or you are thinking of new things to add to your wardrobe, I encourage you to take a visual dive in the the Domino Dollhouse, and let the mystique captivate you! Special thanks to Tracy Broxterman owner and designer of Domino Dollhouse for speaking with Full Figure Plus.

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  • Rachell

    Plus size fashions have seem to always stay within the box. However, it looks as if Domino Dollhouse has created plus size fashion for women to choose from that is outside of the box. Creative, colorful and attractive. Hats off to you!

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