Full Featured Friday: Plus Size Fashion Finds

No matter how long I blog I love coming across plus size fashion designers that I did not know about before and sharing those designers with you guys.  By shining the spotlight on these designers not only shows plus size fashion is growing in popularity among plus size women worldwide but more importantly the critics are starting to lose the argument that plus women do not shop i.e. there is no reason to design in an area where there is no customer base.

The designers featured today are a combination of websites and boutiques who have taken to the Internet.  Each has unique way of clothing curves that I think you will like.

Chinoo Designs – Fashion forward designs created to make you look unique in every way.  I came across this boutique on Twitter.  What I like about this collection is the color and the fit of the dresses.  If you love your clothes to hug your hips and curves this designer is for you!

Curvaceous Savage Boutique –  Plus size trendy clothing for curvy women. It is the source for unique and head turning fashions and concentrates on women’s wear sizes 14-24.  A complete selection of trendy plus size fashions.  Who said plus size ladies should only wear black?

A Clothes Mind – You have to love a collection of clothes that the lead designer is one of the models!  Because of the number of items that I like from Anna Margaux and the entire collection its hard to pick but I am leaning towards the Jiselle dress shown in front.  For those who have to wear their black check out the Solace collection on the same site.

Late at the Met – Came across this designer when I rediscovered Etsy.  Eccentric custom plus size fashion designs for the fashion conscious diva who is looking for something different. Expect one of a kind items custom made for your unique body type.


LOLITA TOP Ines Collection – Created by Jacquilene Floro the collection who has dressed a few celebrities this collection brings fun and fashion to ladies wearing a size 14 and up.  Though I don’t agree with the vanity sizes I think it adds a fun dimensions to the sizes.  If you are as size 22 but your vanity size is a 2 who am I to argue?

What I like about each of these designers is the unique flare in each and every design.  What do you think about these designers and what are your thoughts on independent designers.  Do you feel the more independents there are in the industry that give plus size fashion more of a chance to become part of the mainstream.

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