Full Figure Plus Beauty Contest

For the past three years during this time the auditions for Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance would be about to start.  There has been no official word of if there is going to be a contest this year but that has not stopped the comments from coming in from ladies wanting to be a part of the contest.

I have decided to sponsor my own contest here on Full Figure Plus instead.  Originally I was going to call it the “beauty of the week” that I featured one lady per week.  I still may do that but until I get all the sponsorship details worked out I thought it would be fun to just feature ladies that are fabulous in their own curvy way.

What I need from you ladies is photos, no cameraphone picutres please.  Preferably head shots but if you have full body shots thats fine as well.  Once I get at least 10 submissions I will do a photo collage to be featured on Full Figure Plus.  To make things interesting I will give a $50 gift card to one lady at random that enters.  If there are any companies out there that want to donate other prizes that will make things even better.

Submission Rules

  1. The minimum size to enter is a size 18.
  2. Clear quality digital photos at least 500kb in size. In other words the equivalent of a 4×6 photo.
  3. Face or full body shot.
  4. No nudity
  5. Watermark photos for your protection or I will if you don’t know how.
  6. Submit all photos to beautyoftheweek@fullfigureplus.com.
  7. Gift card will be awarded by a random drawing.

Thats it lets have fun with this and show everyone across the blogsphere that there are beautiful plus size women from all over the world!

  • Ladyscreolesoul

    That is a fabulous idea and you can count me in!!

  • Bigmpv

    Sounds great wishing you continued success

  • http://www.myspace.com/sweetathansugar Blaze

    Great idea and if you promise me to win the RANDOM drawing LOL I will dive in :-) j/k but I will join in on the reindeer games

  • Denise

    whoo hoooo! looking forward to seeing all the lovely plus sized ladies… I think we are the MOST BEAUTIFUL creatures ever!

  • likenootherbentley

    i think what is being done to recognize the plus size women in a positive way is wonderful count me in

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