Full Figured Question – What Size is Considered Full Figured?

Full Figured QuestionsJust like everything in life the term Full Figure has a different definition depending on who you talk to.  For me when I think of full figure equals men wearing a pants size 38 and above and women size 18 and above.  As you can see the perception that I have as to what I consider larger does not match what the supposed norm is.

In the world of modeling full figured is considered a size10/12. Depending on the year it is the fashion industry states that full figured is either a size 12 or a 14.  Makes you wonder if there is a fashion forecaster that flips a coin during the Winter season to let the advertisiers and buyers know what the latest full figured numbers will be.

Just like the Lifetime reality show How Do I Look Naked tries to change womens perception about their body image men and women should stop thinking in terms of full figured, bbw, plus size in terms of body image. These terms are good to use to categorize the size of clothing but little else.  Sure just like anything else everyone comes in various sizes but size has absolutely nothing to do with content of character or self worth.

Size is just a number.  If you happen to be a full figured woman or a husky man don’t let the number that is on the tag of your clothes control your life to the point that talking about what size you are becomes more difficult that discussing salary requirements when interviewing for a new job.

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