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Full Figured QuestionsThis weeks question is one that I have hear in many ways yet it continues to be very popular “Where can i find the best support bra for heavy breasts”.  Proper support from a bra can mean the world of difference for any woman. Benefits include clothes fitting better, proper back support, comfort in the neck and shoulder areas. Even with these obvious benefits according to experts 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

Another bit of information that I discovered is 90% of the support in a bra comes from the band and not the straps. For years I thought it was the other way around. Regardless finding a bra that gives proper support is not that difficult if you keep a few things in mind.

  1. Proper measurement – Knowing your correct size is the foundation of everything. Without it the door is opened up for problems later.
  2. Weight fluctuations – I have said this many times if your weight goes up or down by more than 10 pounds its time to be re-measured and replace your current bras.
  3. Medications – Birth control and different hormone medications can affect breast size. Once again be re-measured if you notice a change in fit after starting a new medication.
  4. Underwire – There is no need to be afraid of an underwire if you have larger breasts. If you have been measured correctly you should not be able to feel the wire.
  5. Bra Care – Hand washing, not drying and not wearing the same bra for more than 3 days in a row will insure a bra not getting worn out to soon.
  6. Avoid Minimizers – For larger breasts a minimizer will do little to decrease the size of your breasts. It will also contribute to loss of breast elasticity over time.
  7. Band Size – A proper fitting bra with the correct band for your figure will reduce the appearance of back flab and lessen the chance of the band rolling up on itself.
  8. Cost – You get what you pay for. Cheap cost in some cases means cheaper construction which means zero support.

As far as stores there is really no one store that you can find supportive bras at. Several stores carry the same brands leaving the consumer with many options. Below is a list of stores that I recommend based on what my wife likes and what I have seen in the stats of my blog. If you have any additional stores to add feel free to contribute to the list.

  1. Lane Bryant – Plus-size bras–buy 1, select 1 for half off,
  2. Just my Size – Use their BraFinder to find the perfect bra for you.
  3. Shop BiggerBras.com for special bras, including maternity, nursing, athletic and more.
  4. Find comfortable, supportive bras made for women with full figures in sizes up to 56FF at Catherines
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  • Champagne

    Hiya, Glen – nice blog!

    I do want to point out that a good bra needn’t be expensive. A few weeks ago, I finally found one that fits perfectly. When I tried it on, I thought, ‘I don’t care if this costs $50.00… it’s going home with me.’ I was pleasantly surprised to see a price tag of $17.00.

    The thing is, when you’re a plus size you CAN find good support at a reasonable price, but you have to work a little harder at locating it (in my case it only took 50 years, LOL). If your readers would be interested in the brand and you would allow it, I’ll be happy to provide the information.

  • Champagne

    Addendum: I see you have Wacoal listed as a ‘friend’ of your blog, and that’s the brand I purchased. :) Great prices can be found if you shop around.

  • Glen


    I agree in some cases ladies can find comfortable bras at a reasonable price. If you have any suggestions please feel free to post them anytime.

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