Gabourey Sidibe and The Strange BAZAAR Photoshoot

Admittedly, Gabourey Sidibe has not been on the top of my list of celebrities to follow since she starred in “Precious”. When I saw the photo below of her recent shoot with BAZAAR magazine my first response was, what the heck! After a few days and looking at the rest of the photoshoot of the other ladies I am even more “what the heck” The shoot was done by Carine Roitfeld with the photos being done by Karl Lagerfeld and we all know what Mr. Lagerfeld had to say about fat people.

Anyway you guys know how I love to do lists here are Full Figure Plus so lets get to it.

10 Problems with the Gabourey Sidibe Photoshoot

  1. The lighting completely swallows her up
  2. The shawl is such a waste with the leather and leggings
  3. The angle of the shawl on her head makes it look like she has on a helmet
  4. The entire combination destroys the chance of seeing her body (see #1)
  5. Out of 21 shots hers #17 is the weirdest and most disturbing
  6. The all black top and leggings so plays into “the only color fat people can wear is black” shtick
  7. Her makeup is too shiny
  8. The angle of her body makes her look larger
  9. The title “Royal Treatment” fell flat as far as the photo was concerned
  10. I see mostly her face and hand, the outfit is lost until I actually study the photo
Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe
Photo credit: Karl Lagerfeld and Harper’s Bazaar

Let me make one thing clear, the only reason we in the plus community are talking about Gabourey Sidibe and this photo shoot is because of her celebrity and the infamous words of Karl Lagerfeld over the years in regards to people of size. For those that feel that my words are just me being salty, you would be partially correct. The reason for the harshness of the words is for decades plus size men and women have been fighting not only for social acceptance but fashion acceptance and photos like this do more damage than good.

A few former plus size celebrities that sky-rocketed in popularity only to meet a strange end:

  1. Crystal Renn
  2. Star Jones
  3. Mo’Nique

It is more of a sense of betrayal to see photos like this of young ladies and I am sure there are some men, but for some silly reason men get a pass. The plus size celebrities are a beacon of hope for ladies and gents around the world one day then they do a 180 degree turn the next. Call me an old curmudgeon for speaking candidly about my problem with the state that we are still in when it comes to size acceptance in this world today. If there were no more discrimination and photo shoots like the one Gabourey Sidibe just did then I would be out of blog work. Sigh. I guess nothing with change today unless we start to have more ladies and gents standing up to say it is unacceptable to portray self in such a weird counterproductive manner.

  • http://www.plusshe.com Moe a.k.a. @biggirlblue

    I love Gabby, I am probably still the only person who hasn’t seen Precious yet. She’s on a show I watch called the Big C, she’s a hoot. I think this photo would have been awesome if Karl didn’t have an aneurysm and decide to put a table cloth on her head. The angles are weird especially when it comes to the jacket. Where is the other half? Makes me wonder if it didn’t fit and they shot on a weird angle to hide it. I think she’s a beautiful woman but Karl has a limited perspective on what he thinks is beautiful which makes it impossible for him to take beautiful pictures of someone like Gabby without making a joke out of it. He’s still an ass as far as I’m concerned.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA

      LOL @ tablecloth. I agree with you that the styling is wrong on so many levels.

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