Guidelines for Curvy Guest Post Submissions on Full Figure Plus

Update: If you are being compensated for submitting guest posts to blogs do not waste my time and yours submitting your post because it will not be used.

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for Full Figure Plus.

The purpose of this segment is to give exposure to plus size fashion and related bloggers.  The relevance of what you submit is extremely important, because the more relevant your post is the more posts that can be used.  The only thing that will stop a post from being used is if it is on a topic already in use on Full Figure Plus.

I may decline a post for any number of reasons but the most common will be a post that does not present new ideas, fresh prespectives, or is not clever in how it approaches an idea.  The point is to present readers with ideas they have not seen on other plus size blogs.

Tips to ensure I can use your post and to help me get your post ready for publication along with a few suggestions below will help to get your post ready.

Before sending in your submission, make sure it is:

  1. Filled with quality, practical advice presented with Full Figure Plus readers in mind.
  2. Able to be use exclusively on Full Figure Plus
  3. Includes everything needed for publication-links, text, phots, etc.-you want the published copy of your post to include
  4. Follows all copyright laws
  5. Has a headline, body text, and your byline

Exclusive Rights

Unless we negotiate something different beforehand, I ask that any post you submit be written exclusively for the use on Full Figure Plus. You are welcome to write on the same topic wherever you wish, the hope is that any post you write for Full Figure Plus will NOT be duplicated anyplace else online.

Subject Matter

Posts that will work the best on Full Figure Plus are those that are relevant to my overall topic–plus size fashion. With that in mind there is a lot of room for writing within this topic.  Anything that helps plus size women improve their fashion sense and closets will help readers.

Full Figure Plus readers love practical tips, shopping links, and new plus size designers.  Give my readers information they can apply to their life and fashion wardrobes immediately, and you will be very popular here. FYI information is good but giving readers can “do” posts will work out better in the long run.

Topics can include but need not be limited to:

  • plus size fashion
  • plus size lingerie
  • modeling
  • size acceptance
  • shoes
  • designer showcases
  • fashion tips and tricks


The voice and the flow of the post is strictly up to you.  I encourage you to bring the flavor of your own unique voice to any post you submit.

Post format

A Word or plain text format post is the best.  Additionally, it would be fantastic if you follow these steps in order to make your posts for Full Figure Plus.

  • Limit the amount of bold font you use
  • Use html subheadings in your post <h1> <h2>, etc. so they stand out
  • HTML markup of links is the best but you can also include the URL in brackets with the text you want used.  No affiliate links are allowed in guest posts.

Include EVERYTHING you want to have in your post when you send your submission in.  Put the links where YOU want them.  Do not assume I will know what you are thinking, tell me exactly what you want and where it needs to go.

Linking to your blog…

Links to your own blog are fine if it is directly related to the topic you are writing about, but keep in mind relevancy is key.  If the post contains to many back links to your blog, I will remove them, or reject the post.  Keep in mind a high quality helpful post will get more people to check out what you are doing quicker than posting a lot of links back to your blog.

Post length

All post submissions should be as long as you think to get your message across.  Length is not a factor in a submission being accepted, quality is the key.  If you use your own unique voice that you have developed within the plus size community you already know what length fits you best.


Before appearing on Full Figure Plus all post will be edited.  I will not re-write your post, but there maybe a case for changing the title, reworking parts, and correcting grammar and spelling.

If this offends you do not submit your work-the goal is to make every post that is submitted the best it can be.  I also know what works well with the Full Figure Plus audience.

There may be occasions a post will be returned to you with suggestions. Basically, this means the post needs to be enhanced in ways beyond basic editing.

The goal of a curvy guest post is to hit a cord with the readers of Full Figure Plus-it will be good for you the author, good for Full Figure Plus readers, and good for the plus size community as a whole.


Now that you have given me great content, let me help you to promote you.  I want to highlight your blog and any product or service you offer.  That is where the byline comes into play.

Your byline should be a sentence explaining your important details.  Up to two links are acceptable.  RSS feeds are great in this area.  Typically, your byline will appear at the bottom of your post, but I will write a short introductory sentence that will include your main link, which will appear at the top of the post.

If you have any further questions or would like to contact me with your post, please send your questions via the contact form.

Thank you for your involvement with Full Figure Plus.

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