How to Become a Plus Size Model

One of the most frequent types of emails and comments that I get from ladies is how to become a plus size model.  I will say again all I am is a blogger that is trying to help plus size men and women out.  As far as modeling goes I search the Internet looking for model searches and competitions to report here on Full Figure Plus.

From my searching these are the things that I feel that any man or woman needs to become a plus size model.

  1. Determination to find the best agency to represent them.
  2. Photos of previous work no matter how small.
  3. The guts to enter model searches.
  4. To not be deterred by those that are against plus models.
  5. Be plus size.

As you can see what I listed is just plain common sense.  Bottom line ladies and gentlemen think of this blog as a resource to find out about model searches around the country.  Read through the different posts and click on the provided links to find out more information.

Side Note:  If you come across a post that is more than 30 days old its pretty safe to say that the search is over.  The important thing is to read the post and follow the steps.  To all the ladies that are still trying to find out information on Mo’Nique’s F.A.T. Chance, it is pretty safe to say that unless she has something planned for the Fall or the first of next year that there will not be another competition.

  • http://www.curvychick.com Anna

    Here’s some good info that you might want to share with your readers. Your advice is a little too general. :)

    There are requirements for plus size models, whether you’re a teen or older. They include height and size restrictions. They are as tough for plus size models as they are for straight size ones. You need to be at least 5’8” (5’10” is preferable in the bigger markets like NYC, Miami, L.A., etc., so you’re on the short side but you’re young…) and fall between sizes 8 and 16/18. Yes, plus sizes start at size 8 as far as agencies are concerned. You need to be well-proportioned, toned and in good shape, have great skin, hair and teeth, and be quite photogenic – let’s not forget – we’re talking about MODELING. It also helps if you have few, if any, tattoos.

    If you have these things going for you, I encourage you to attend an open call at an agency near you that represents plus size models You can find a local one by calling agencies that are listed in your local yellow pages and asking if they rep plus size girls, and then asking when their plus size open calls occur. You will need to get in front of an agent who will determine your marketability in this industry and advise you accordingly. Walk in wearing light makeup, simple but well-fitting clothing, and lose the high heels – they will know how tall you are so don’t try to fudge it. Bring some simple shots of yourself that show your face and your full body – they don’t need to be professional shots. They will look at your photos and will see your potential without all the makeup. You may be measured on the spot, or asked to be photographed in your underwear, so get rid of your inhibitions NOW.

    You need to be in or near a large market – smaller towns don’t normally have modeling agencies, let alone plus size divisions. Your competition knows where to go, and they are going there, believe me. You can be stunningly beautiful, but if you can’t make it to an open call or casting because you live too far away and cannot travel at the drop of a hat, you definitely have a strike against you. Your competition is thrilled to know that you don’t have the money for a bus ticket or that your car is in the shop – means more opportunity for them!

    If you are marketable, the agent will ask you to do several test shoots that you have to pay for, so please be ready to spend money and time developing your look. Agencies do not typically pick up these fees – the model must do so. (You will need to spend money to get your career off the ground – modeling is not a get-rich-quick career. If you have kids and/or school to finish, you need to plan how you’re going to balance it all.)

    You may be asked to cut/trim/color your hair, get manicures and pedicures and to hit the gym before the shoot. You will be given a list of photographers that you can call to schedule a shoot, and you will pay them directly. A good agency will never ask for money directly – it’s a transaction between you and the photog. If you want to get the most out of your test shoots, you should hire a makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist to work on the shoot with you.

    When your shots come back, your potential agent will see if you have what it takes, and then she/he will submit your photos to clients and see what kind of response you get. They usually submit a comp card, which is a collection of photos that you need to pay for, to the clients to get their feedback. There are no guarantees, and you will only work if clients like/need your look.

    You can visit the plus size modeling thread at http://www.curvychick.com and get advice from working models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and others within the industry. Take any support you get with a grain of salt – there are plenty of women who will say that you’ve “got it,” but they usually just want to be nice and not have a hand in dashing your dreams. I personally don’t want a hand in misleading anyone. AND if someone says you don’t really have it, don’t take it personally – you’re not being judged as a person, not on your looks, but on your marketability – if you can’t take the heat you should find another career.

  • Glen

    Anna,As someone that is not an industry insider general information is all that I will ever give on this particular subject. It will be up to the individual lady or gentleman to do the additional footwork to get more information. Thanks for your tips.

  • stephaine harrison

    im 33 5″1 but cute and look very young for my age so please give me a chance i wont disapoint u at all

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