How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

The back to school movement is well underway and for many ladies that means a wardrobe change from Summer to Fall. Have you thought about what your wardrobe would look like if you were to mix seasons to create a new look? It is pretty simple when you really think about it and it will give you a new look without having to spend additional money.

How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

Summer Dress with Leggings – You may remember in the post How To Determine If Your Dress Length Is Correct that the dress my wife bought was too short.  The solution to the issue is to put leggings, or tights with the dress and boots or mule heels for a completely different look.

Season Mashups – Since the beginning of Fall is not until September 22, you can get away with putting items from the Summer with items from the Fall. If you are itching to bring out your new Fall outfits, why not pair them with Summer sandals.

Color Mashuups – Just because Summer is coming to an end does not mean you have automatically start wearing orange, brown, or red, which are traditionally associated with Fall.  Add some of the current Summer colors like Cobalt Blue, yellow, and purple to the traditional Fall colors in a colorblock fashion to make the season transition and stay comfortable.

Intentional Accessorization – I know “accessorization” is not a real word, but bear with me and be very intentional about your accessories.  Be bold and different when it comes to your accessories.  Think of stretch rings, larger ear rings, big necklaces, big purses, and funky bracelets.  Since we are in between seasons there is not set in stone rule for what you should be doing.

Flaunt Your Best Features – Whatever you are the most proud of, be it your arms, legs, or breasts feel free to be comfortable and show off your best curvy assets at that same time. One combination I feel is a great one is a pencil skirt, screen t-shirt, and 2-inch pump.  Casual, semi-professional without being frumpy.

If you are not a shopinista who drools over the sales surrounding the change of the seasons, then transitional wardrobe mashups are just what the doctor ordered.  Think of it like playing dress up, except you get to leave the house instead of having imaginary tea with the stuffed animals in your room.

Another benefit of doing a wardrobe mashup in-between seasons is that you will be taking a serious look at your closet.  It will give you a chance to look at your entire wardrobe and to weed out the items you no longer wear, put combinations together you may have never considered, and to wear clothes you have been “saving” for some unknown reason.


  • http://www.curvesandchaos.com Monique

    Great tips!! Can’t believe summer is almost over!

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA

      LOL as a parent I know exactly when Summer is over!

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