In Love With Bad Timing

Love is a word many can not define. We could pick up a dictionary or Google the word love, but is it the true definition of it. And if so, what do you do when you find yourself in love with someone that shares the same feelings, but the timing will not permit you to be together.

I have come to find when people enter a common situation they always throw caution to the wind, and go forward with the romance.  I by no means condone reckless behavior in the matters of the heart, but I understand it’s a process. Because you can’t fully shut these feelings off no matter what the circumstances.

Regardless of what you may think you do have options. Be honest with yourself address how you feel. Then fully evaluate your situation, and the key to this stage is knowing how to separate your emotions before you determine if the person you want is worth waiting for. This should go without saying, but  you need plenty of space away from this person during this time. Take a break from communicating, because you don’t need any extra influences to make your decision.

You can pray, mediate, anything spiritual is welcomed, but its best not to get advice from friends or family at this time. Too many opinions in your mind can always over shadow what is best for you. No one can make this decision for you .  Trust your instincts and let your spirit lead you, “Not others!” You decide who comes in and out of your life. You have all the knowledge and truth in you to change your direction and make a meaningful change.

After you have discussed your decision to your love interest. Have an open dialog on their thoughts , but don’t bend on your truth and what’s right for you. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take a break from each other. Explore other options until the time allows you too to be together.  If it is meant to be it will be. You have to take a leap of faith when it comes to love.

Love is something we all want whether we realize it or not. If not for love we would not or could not experience pain. Love is beyond its standard meaning, and ultimately too great for any human being to understand with reason alone.  Don’t allow fear to scare you away from it. It’s too precious and valuable to miss out on. Take your time and truly search your heart, and allow your destiny to take the naturally course life intended for you.  Let love in when the time is right.

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