Jeans for full figured women

One of the things that I hear about often and have written about is “what style jeans should a full-figured woman wear?” For some larger ladies the thought of putting on a pair of jeans is right next to getting a tooth pulled with a pair of pliers its just not something pleasant.

My wife complains all the time about the fit of her jeans. When she finds a pair that she likes she wears that pair until the fall apart. Finding jeans should not be that difficult. If you take a few helpful tips with you when you start your shopping journey in the end you will come away and not feel like you have been abused.

What not to wear

If you have a lot of hips and don’t want to do an imitation of a plumber bending over then the low rider style of jeans are out. Being full figured has enough challenges on its on without adding to it by not looking polished when you go out.

If you have to jump off the bed to get into your jeans then thats probably not a good idea either. The goal is to look good and to be comfortable. So mega tight pants that will probably rip when you bend over is not a good idea either.

What to wear

First off keep in mind that its ok to have jeans altered. If they fit in the waist and the length but not in the crotch area its ok to find a seamstress to take care of that area for you.

Check the men’s section out. Men’s jeans are cut different from ladies and tend to fit better. For example I wear a size 38 in the waist and a 32 inseam that translates to a womans size 22/24. The hem maybe different depending on your height but they should be perfect in the hips and butt area.

Stick to one style and brand. Once you have tried on a number of jeans and find one that fits you perfectly then stick with that one. You may end up spending more upfront for them but they will last you longer and you will be more happy with your purchase.

Note: When it comes to jeans keep in mind the more that you pay for the jeans the smaller the number will be on the tag versus what the size actually is. If you where to pay over $200 for a pair of jeans the tag will say that they are a size 12 when in reality they will be a size 20. If you want something like this for vantiy purposes thats fine but thats about all that it will accomplish.

Manufacturers are starting to take note of full figured teens wanting to wear jeans and are starting to design them specifically to fit a larger frame and still be fashionable. Lane Bryant with there Seven7 plus-size premium jeans are taking note of this trend in full figured jeans.

Others that have a nice range of jeans for fuller figures:

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