Just My Size Fall Collection

Have you been wondering when Just my Size would start selling more than just casual clothing through their partnership with Walmart?  Personally, I have wondered this for quite sometime.  Most of the items consisted of intimate apparel and workout gear in my opinion.  My previous opinion has been forever changed thanks to the great JMS marketing reps! I was given a sneak peak into the new Fall collection and let me tell you they hit it out the ball park with the new clothes!

The sent me a dress, two tops and a pair of pants.  On first impression I thought that my wife would not like them and I would use them as promo giveaways to readers.  She proved me wrong quickly by giving the thumbs up to all four pieces.  The items listed below combine to give you three outfit options at a price of under $20 per item.  As a matter of fact these pieces had a combined price of $66!

Now that you have an overview lets get into the individual items.

Women’s Plus Smocked Jersey Border-Print Dress
smock Dress

Overall a nice dress. Very comfortable and stayed in place without the need for constant adjusting. The color and patterns are subtle but still attention grabbing. Well constructed would have been even better if there was and inner lining. The only complaint was that the arms are a little to snug. Price $18

Women’s Plus Pintuck Tunic & Women’s Plus Gathered Print Jersey Tunic

Just My Size - Women's Plus Pintuck TunicJust My Size - Women's Plus Gathered Print Jersey Tunic

The best part about both tops is that they fit well on larger breasts. Wifey is a 42H and was very impressed that the shirt did not poke out right below her breasts because the buttons were out of sync. She really liked the fact that the tops did not have elastic in the bottom hem.  In her opinion this was a detractor of earlir JMS tops.  Price $15

Women’s Plus Trousers

Just My Size - Women's Plus Trousers

I just new that my better have would completely reject the pants which have been her arch rival for many years. To my surprise she liked them right off the bat because of the fit in the crotch, waist, and hips. Additionally, she was very impressed that the pocket design was well placed so that the pockets did not flair out. Price $18

Over all the JMS mix and match Fall Collection is a good one. If you are looking to shop on a budget without having to worry about looking cheap then you should definitely put this collection on your list for the upcoming season.  The ultimate test of the success in terms of budget when shopping the JMS collection is if a complete look to make three outfits like in the above example, including shoes and accessories can be found at Wal-Mart for under $125.00. If this is possible then JMS will do a bump for business and Wal-Mart will recover from the Metro 7 debacle of a few years ago.

One word of caution in regard to the collection. It is available in limited stores and some items are ONLY available online. Additionally, do not get to upset when navigating the Wal-Mart website. It has and continues to be a mess. The links point to nowhere at times or back to the home page but as long as you stick with the JMS collection and only click those links you should be fine.

If you have not begun your shopping for the Fall then I strongly suggest that you consider adding pieces from the JMS mix and match Fall Collection.  Not only will you save money but with sizes that go up to 4X you should have no problem finding your size.

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    Thanks for sharing this nice collection.I think that Casual clothing is a perfect for human….

  • http://www.divaglamplus.com Glamorous Plus Size Fashion

    You already know – I am loving that first dress. I’m really pleasantly surprised at the price points as well!

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