Let’s Hear It For Boot Season

Next to the wedge heel, boots have to be my favorite shoe to see.  Sightings around town of the humble boot, means it is getting cooler outside which for sure is something most of us in the United States are looking forward to after such a beautifully hot Summer. Be it a wedge, high, 3/4, or chunky heel, it really does not matter there are few shoes that bring such a huge smile to my face like a boot.

This morning my wife put on her first boot outfit of the season after getting a pair of her favorite boots repaired.

Typical boot wearing outfit

  • Knit dress
  • Camisole
  • Leggings
  • Boots

The dress can be just about any type, but this combination with the boots can give new life to a dress that maybe a little shorter than you would normally wear to the office.

Very Volatile Stockholm Low Shaft High Heel Boot

Arturo Chiang Bethina High Shaft High Heel Boot

Black High Heel Cowhide Patent Leather Women’s Mid Calf Boot

Frye Jane 14L Wide Calf Boot (Dark Brown Leather)

 Jamie Tall Riding Boot

Just like with clothes you should know your measurements before you go boot shopping.  Most of the boots in the photos are wide widths, but that will not guarantee fit. For ladies with wider calves finding a boot that comes above the ankle can be one of the most frustrating things ever.  It can be difficult, but not impossible to find a comfortable stylish boot. Boots tend to cost more than any other style of shoes, so be careful of cheap knockoffs when it comes to this style. A twisted ankle or damaged boot can happen just the same as it can for a shoe. Avoid an injury to your body and your purse by knowing your measurements before you make a purchase.

Boot measurement chart courtesy of Wide Widths

  • Wide Calf Boots – Calf sizes range from 16″ for a size 6M to 18 1/4″ for a size 12W
  • Extra Wide Calf Boots – Calf sizes range from 17 1/2″ for a size 6M to 20″ for a size 13WW
  • Super Wide Calf™ Boots – Calf sizes range from 18″ for a size 6M to 21″ for a size 13WW
  • Super Plus Calf™ Boots – Calf sizes range from 21″ for a size 6M to 24 3/4″ for a size 13WW

Ros Hommerson Women’s Lia Extra Wide Calf Wedge Boot (Black Leather)

Naturalizer Women’s Etton Wide Calf Boot (Brown)

Ros Hommerson Women’s Thyme Super Wide Calf Boot (Black Leather)

Ros Hommerson Women’s Tease Super Wide Calf Over-the-Knee Boot (Brown Leather)

Avenue Bailey Tall Ruched Wedge Boot

Most shoes have a way of showing off your personality, but the boot is one of those shoes that for sure shows off who you really are.  Depending on your mood and what what you put with it a pair of boots can say sexy, serious, sassy, adventurous, and other colorful descriptives all at once.  Happy boot season, I think I am going to start a campaign for National Boot Cheerleading Day.

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