Navabi FINALLY Makes A Statement For Plus Size Fashion

“No person is to be unfairly disadvantaged or favoured because of his gender, descent, race, his language, ethnic origin, and beliefs, his religious or political views. […]”

Reading the above statement had me thinking about the blatant discrimination in the world of fashion.  Models allegedly are supposed to be coat hangers so people will look at and ultimately buy the clothes.  When you are a size 20 like the model in the much talked about Navabi video in which the model is walking around during Berlin Fashion Week nude, how can you think of yourself as only a coat hanger?

The message in the video to me came across as the average plus size woman would prefer to walk around naked than to be subjected to the insults of the average clothing store today.  You may not see it that way and that is perfectly fine, but the point is Navabi took the risk to shine the light on those who feel plus size fashion should not even exist.  Just like in the German constitution in which there is “supposed” to be no discrimination because of certain human issues, there should be no discrimination based on size.

Before going any further in terms of the clothes Navabi is offering I must speak to the popularity as of late of nude plus size models.  From an artistic point of view I fully support the statement being made using nudity as a platform to point out size acceptance vs. size discrimination and think if we are to be subjected to smaller women naked then the same pass should be given to plus sizes. My concern is the only way we can get any type of sustained effort is for ladies to be nude.  Maybe it is just my way of thinking because of my age, but if it comes to my mind I am certain others are thinking in a similar manner.

Watch the entire video and join in on the conversation

The video ends with the model stopping at a rack of Navabi clothes, going into the dressing room and coming out ready for the paparazzi following her to start taking pictures. Even with the edgy statement being made I like the statement the video makes and it carries over to the clothes. If you have not had a chance to shop with this German plus size merchant. Please add them to your rotation you won’t be disappointed.

About Navabi
Create happiness – and spread it! This is our vision. Fashion creates joy and at the same time is supposed to be a great experience. In today’s world of fashion there is a serious, but still unsolved problem: too many women, who already have found their own style, cannot express their personality in fashion, only due to their clothes size. At times, they even feel discriminated against – happiness looks differently. And that is where we step in…

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