Plus Modeling 101: Are You Ready For The Spotlight?

Plus modeling is hotter than ever right now. One of the biggest plus modeling movements is happening as I type with the Full Figured Fashion Week™ Casting Tour. The question I am going to ask you today is “Are you ready for the spotlight.”

When I think about the models I have had the pleasure of meeting and following their career I can say these ladies are for sure ready for the big time as evident by the number of photo shoots I have seen them in. How did these ladies make it to the top? My guess would be hard work, perseverance, and love for their craft.

Plus Modeling Spotlight checklist*

  1. Questionable tattoos in questionable places
  2. No skills when it comes to walking in high heels
  3. Don’t spend your time trying to look fabulous
  4. If you have to think about wearing it pick something else
  5. Have a emergency makeup bag on the ready
  6. Pack comfortable shoes for when your done
  7. Business cards, business cards, business cards
  8. Comp cards, comp cards, comp cards
  9. Tasteful social media presence
  10. Professional attitude

fffweek casting tour 2013

Plus Models in the Spotlight

Fluvia Lacerda – Fluvia has been hot for years because she works her but off for the camera.


Allison McGenva – I have been seeing Allison everywhere when it comes to working with different companies. She is just fab.


Nicole Esperanza Zepeda – I met her in Los Angeles a few years ago and she is the perfect example if you work hard you can go from a rookie to a star!

Nicole Esperanza Zepeda

Teslyn Butler – What I can I say about Teslyn. Not only is she my home girl from Arkansas but I can’t even begin to name all the work she has put in since we met in 2009!


Asia Mone’t – Between working with Bare Necessities and Ashley Stewart she has been uber busy. I know I am missing something but just like the others I see her in lots of photoshoots.

Asia Mone't

What is their secret? I will ask them and report back to you, but from my totally unscientific research division that I am the head of I can say these ladies are what plus modeling is all about.  Hard work and not willing to give up no matter what when it comes to honing their craft.

Another common thread that each of these ladies has is the two powerhouses of the plus modeling industry Full Figured Fashion Week™ & Plus Model Magazine. I don’t know if you see what I see, but when it comes to success in the plus modeling world the successful ladies where involved in someway with one or both of these organizations.

I ask the question again. When it comes to your career, ask yourself not only if you are serious, but are you ready for the day that you get the call up to the big leagues of plus modeling and the spotlight is shined on you? Be honest with yourself. If you you are not ready then you need to get with the right people to help you hone your craft so you are ready for the next runway or photoshoot opportunity that comes your way. Plus modeling is still in its infancy and there is plenty of work out there for the right models.

*For full details and insider secrets for plus modeling I suggest finding a working model and see if she will mentor you.

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