Plus Size Fashion: Lemon Zest Will Brighten Up Your Wardrobe

The Pantone color of the year for Spring/Summer 2013 is “Lemon Zest.” Just as the name suggests for the fruit of the same name, the color “lemon zest” takes the essential parts of the whole to bring a fresh taste and feel to your wardrobe.

Putting together this post of different wardrobe pieces in the color of the upcoming season was fun but not without its challenges.

The one issue that I came up with was finding pants in the color “lemon zest.” I found plenty of “mustard yellow” which is darker and other shades that does not have the bright shiny feel of “lemon zest.”

This actually surprised me considering I was able to find jackets, scarves, and even underwear in the color you will see everywhere this Spring and Summer.

I know that a lot of stores will not have their full Spring collections in the stores for a few weeks, but I thought with all of the pre-sales going on right now a basic pieces like a pair of pants would be available. Regardless, the items below will give you an opportunity to get your shopping juices flowing.

Whatever the color of the season is it can be paired in different ways for work as well as play, and in some cases worn year round. If this color just so happens to be your power color then all the better!

What are some of your favorite colors for Spring and Summer? icon

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