Plus Size Fashion: Retro Chic From Torrid

I must say like the retro styles out now.  Torrid has come out with their version of this style that was popular up until the late 70’s.  To me nothing makes the plus size silhoutte look better than the cuts, styles, and colors that go with the retro look.  Plus size favortie Torrid has named their collection retro chic and with the hot dresses they have available I can see why they added chic to the name.

Though the collection is small and available online only it is a promising start of which I hope to see more in the future.  What do you think about the collection?  Does retro chic fit your personality and your unique body?

Because of the chic addition to the Torrid retro line for those of you who are not fully comfortable with embracing the style and look of days gone by you can easily combine the vintage look with a more modern look by wearing a pencil skirt or some skinny jeans.  The point is to own the look regardless as to if it is retro, retro chic, modern retro of any other fancy label you wan to add to what look you are trying to pull off at the moment.

The point of building your wardrobe is to have fun. The Torrid retro chic collection is definitely a great place to start, but should not be the end of your journey into the fun world of fashion.

After you have taken care of your retro needs be sure to look into the other areas of the Torrid website or if your lucky enough to have a Torrid b&m in your area.

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  • http://www.smartjeansreviews.com Sarah Nicholson

    Like the Torrid retro chic line. The 2 formal type dresses and simple but classicly stylish. I also love the chequered tops. They are fun and bright.

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