Plus Size Fashion Rewind: Lane Bryant

What has been your experience with Lane Bryant over the past few years?

Lane Bryant used to be the foundation of the plus size fashion community. Today, in terms of sales volume this is probably still true. My wife still swears by their bras and their pants. I am sure that a few other ladies fit into this category as well, but this long time staple of the plus size fashion community is no longer at the top of the pile in the conversation about plus size fashion favorites.

Plus Size Fashion Rewind: Lane Bryant

What happened? In my opinion Lane Bryant played it to safe over the years not wanting to upset their older customer base. In catering to the established base the company has fell somewhat short of catering to the younger ladies who have been pushing plus size fashion to the front of everyone’s mind over the last few years. In other words, Lane Bryant while making the over forty ladies happy your not acknowledging the 20-30 year old crowd.

With that in mind does that mean that Lane Bryant is no longer relevant? In some ways yes, while in others not so much. I took a look at the latest styles from Lane Bryant and wanted to share them with you. What I did like about my window shopping experience is that the website is designed with shopping in mind with all of the Charming Shoppe brands featured. This means you will be able to shop without jumping to several websites before making a decision.


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What I did not like is that I was not instantly blown away by the selections. In the New Arrivals section there are a few duds that remind me of the old fashioned way of thinking that unfortunately has become the norm with Lane Bryant, but there are several pieces in each category that I loved and think you will feel the same about.

Overall, I think this onetime giant in the plus size fashion industry needs to redo their image in terms of reaching out to the plus size fashion community. the items below are some of the better items in my opinion, but after spending a long time on the website browsing I did not come away with the same excitement for new items that happened in years past. The Buy one, get one FREE at Lane Bryant and Cacique! Use Code: WAYTOSAVELB sale is a good one for Cacique that’s for sure. Happy shopping!

  • http://fatchic.net Diana

    Lane Bryant has tried too hard to cover the entire plus size market – something I still think assumes way more homogeneity than actually exists. I am curious, now, with the new company president, what differences we’ll see next year. It seems like there’s a significant leadership turnover and Ascena seems to have a much better understanding of market segmentation across all sizes.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA


      I agree they tried to do to much. It will be nice to see how they come out of the transition. I think their partnership with FFF Week has been a step in the right direction, but we will see how it goes.

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