Plus Size Fashion: Stores You Should Be Shopping At

Full Figure Plus has been online for years with the primary goal of pointing out plus size fashion websites around the world that you should be looking at. The hard part today is there are so many stores and individual designers coming out that the excitement overshadows some of the existing players.  Today I want to give a little love to each to show you just how many options you have at your hands today.

Dorothy Perkins (UK)
Evans Clothing (UK)
Simply Be (UK)
Fashion To Figure
17 Sundays
Ashley Nell Tipton
Chinoo Designs
Eyani Couture
Jewel Shannon

Jill Alexander
Lavender’s Jungle
MYNT 1792
Pretty Pear Bride
Queen Grace Collection
Rachael Pally
Savannah Red
Evie foster
SK Wilbur
Sorella Swim
Youtheary Khmer

The stores are a mixture between known big brands and independent designers. Some are newer than others, but they all are dedicated to deleivering the best in plus size fashion to you. The reason you should be shopping at these stores and websites is to ensure you can get clothes made for you in addition to being able to get in some cases one of a kind merchandise.

The most exciting part of the above list is how small it is!  Over the years more and more players are entering the field giving plus size consumers a vast sea of choices.  For more stores check out the plus size shopping page on Full Figure Plus.  Furthermore, Even big box stores are starting to warm up to plus size fashion though I feel they are only doing it for the money instead of providing a service to the consumer.

Another thing that makes shopping at these stores exciting is this is the time of year Fall fashions are coming out which means you can get in many instances a custom garment made just for you.  Those designers with the skills to not start making your garment until you make a purchase have the distinct advantage of earning your business by making clothes that fit you perfectly.

The final argument for shopping with the stores above is the built in size advocacy connection to the plus community. Does it not make sense to shop at a merchant who looks like you and knows what you have gone through to be accepted and empathizes with how the plus size community is discriminated against both on and off the runway? The addition of fabric here, an added pleat there, a non-compromising voice, and fit models who reflect the average plus size woman are what you can expect from many of the independent plus size fashion designers.

If you had the pleasure of seeing some of these designers back in the Summer at Full Figured Fashion Week™, then I know personally you are excited to finally be able to get your hands on some of the fantastic looking clothes. Regardless, look in on all of the stores and websites and as always happy shopping.

  • http://www.qristylfrazierdesigns.com qristyl

    Hi, please check out Plus Sexy Size designer Qristyl Frazier Designs, not included in the list, thanks…also go by the following you can plug into your web browser.


    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA


      I have been following you since the first fffweek. I really like what I see with your new collection.

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