Plus Size Fashion Tips: How to Spot Quality in Clothing

Fashion tips specifically dealing with the quality of of clothing is probably the most requested topic hitting my inbox. With literally hundreds of designers in the the plus size fashion niche it is getting more difficult by the day to tell quality from clothes that are a pure waste of money, but its not impossible to spot quality.

Over the last few years I have compiled several fashion tips lists to help you out on your journey to spot quality in the clothes you spend your hard earned dollars on, but it appears instead of a quick list there is a need to compile all of the tips in one place for your reference.  The list is made up of both good and bad things to look for and is pretty self explanatory.

How to Spot Quality in Clothing

  1. All seams and hems are double stitched
  2. Inner lining on dresses
  3. Unless the material is supposed to be translucent, if you can see through the garment that is not a good sign
  4. The style and length of the garment factors a body type larger than industry a.k.a. 5’8″ and a dress size 14
  5. The material does not peel and flake as you rub it between your fingers
  6. Normally high price point fashions at unusually low prices
  7. The size tag shows obvious signs of being tampered with
  8. Budget names listed for unusually high prices
  9. Check to make sure hems and seams do not come apart when pulling on them
  10. Too many stray threads is a sure sign of poor construction
  11. Inspect the spacing of the buttons on shirts to ensure even spacing
  12. Inspect the material the buttons are made of.  Mother of pearl, wood, brass, impact plastic are good
  13. Seams should be 1/2″ or wider (less means the manufacturer is trying to conserve fabric)
  14. Avoid extended sizes which are based on a smaller pattern that has been sized out
  15. For any type of pattern make sure it matches the seamline unless the designer intended it to not match
  16. Ball the fabric in your hand if it wrinkles heavily then the material may not be the best and may shrink considerably and look worn out after one wash
  17. Pay attention to what is being said on social media

The Bottomline

The plus size niche is hot right now which explains the reason celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Cookie Johnson,  and the Kardashian sisters are getting into plus size.  The problem with this trend is that they are not making the best clothes, at least in my opinion, or making only jeans and shoes and slapping plus size on the items to make a quick buck.  Quality clothing comes from those who have a genuine love for the plus size woman.  For example, IGIGI has been on top of things quality wise for years.  New players include, ASOS Curve, Nordtroms, and Ashley Stewart.

In the era of fast fashion and mass produced items, as I said earlier it is getting harder to spot quality making any fashion tips of course subjective.  However, if you think about the care that your grandmother put into sewing and apply some common sense you will be able spot quality from a mile away.  Not only will this save you money but it will allow you to concentrate on looking good instead of worrying about a possible wardrobe fubar.

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