Plus Size Fashion Tips: Smart Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to shopping on a budget the plus size fashionista has more options available today than in years past.  No longer relegated to the mall there are many options that savvy shoppers have been hip to for years, but those who loathe shopping may not have been aware of.

Some of these tips have been covered in the past others are new things that I have just discovered.  The point is to save you money when you go shopping so that you can look your very best.

  1. Gift Certificates – Buy gift certificates at the store you regularly shop at and when the amount reaches a certain point go shopping.  When the amount reaches $500 go shopping.
  2. Coupons – You can get coupons from signing up for newsletters, smartphone QR codes, or e-coupons.  The coupon is not dead.
  3. In and Out – For every item you purchase donate 4 items to charity for a tax deduction at the end of the year. (If you donate more than $500 worth of clothing or other goods to charities, you must complete Section A of Form 8283 on your federal tax return – US Only).
  4. Stock up – When you buy buy big instead of dozens of small trips.
  5. Keep your Stats – Keep a notebook with your measurements from different designers so you will be ready to by whenever you come upon a bargain.
  6. Sample/Trunk shows – In years past this option did not exist but events like what occurred recently during Full Figured Fashion Week™ show that sample sales are going plus size.
  7. Consignment shops – Re/Dress NYC(US) and Trapped in a Skinny World(UK) are showing that buying vintage and pre-owned garments are for plus size bodies as well.

Here is an example of one of the items listed above in action.  As I said coupons are not to be taken for granted.  Clothes totaling $900 were picked up during a 40% off sale which took the price down to $540.  Another 20% was given for signing up for the company’s newsletter which is mailed out twice a week.  That meant another $180 was taken off the original price bringing the final cost of almost $1000 worth of clothes to $360!

FYI:  Deals like this are not the norm.  You have to hunt for deals like this.  Typically you can find sales of this magnitude when end of the season sales start.  Be on the look out for end of summer sales to start in late July.

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