Plus Size Fashions at Bargain Prices from Size Appeal

When it comes to plus size fashion these days it is starting to become harder to find a bargain.  One store that I came across years ago Size Appeal has some great looking clothes and best of all their everyday price is very reasonable.  For example I was able to put together an outfit consisting of  a top, a pair of pants, shoes, and basic accessories for $85!  Now if you factor in the clearance items that cost will go down even more.
For those curvy divas like my wife who have a great careerwear wardrobe but are lacking in the casual department you should bookmark Size Appeal and make a monthly shopping trip to build up your wardrobe.  Below are some of the new arrivals on the website.  No item listed below has a cost of over $50 with many items costing below $30!  With the good comes the bad.  One thing that I noticed about the shoes and jewelry they were in limited supply and I could not get to the section of the website with the belts and purses.  With that in mind don’t let a few technical glitches stop you from taking advantage of the great prices.
About Size Appeal
When men decide to create a revolution, they take up arms and speak in loud voices. All curvy women have to do is find that sexy little dress and voila, their world is changed. Simple? Not really. For 62% of American women, and 75% of women in Europe, finding that prefect fitting, fashion forward, nicely priced little item warrants nothing short of guerilla war tactics. Why? Because they are size 14 and up.

Enter every curvy woman’s secret weapon against shopping hell: Size Appeal is the original curvy fashion website to serve up trendy, season current, figure flattering clothing at comparatively moderate prices. SizeAppeal offers the world’s curvy women something they’ve never had before: shopping nirvana.

SizeAppeal is dedicated to the proposition that, to shop is to live. Welcome to the Curvy Revolution-we are taking the fashion world by storm.

  • http://fatasticlife.blogspot.com/ Michelle

    Great Blog, lots of great tips and options.

  • http://www.lingerieexpert.co.uk Ellie@sexy costumes

    Original sexy fashion to emphasize the curves has been a great women’s weapon for a while, but i disagree that’s not easy to find plus size clothes. Almost all skinny clothes are nowadays available in their plus size version.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen Johnson


      Part of the problem is the plus equivalent of smaller sizes. More often than not these are just sized out version of smaller sizes that do not take hips and curves into account in the design which is part of the problem…more options do not equal a solution.

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