Plus Size Halloween Costumes And Lingerie

The great part about this time of the year is the debut of plus size Halloween costumes. Not only that but we get to see some of the cool offerings in the world of plus size lingerie as well. What is the most exciting is that each year the offerings get better! I must say a few years ago the pickings where non-existent when it came to lingerie let alone Halloween costumes.

Fast forward to today and you have the likes of Hips And Curves for lingerie and Halloween costumes. Sonsi for Halloween costumes. Big Gals Lingerie for club wear and custom costumes for Halloween or any other occasion. What does that mean for the curvy girl who wants to go out and party on October 31st? It means she has more to choose from than ever.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes And Lingerie

Arabella Luxe Long Line Steel Boned Corset

Ankle Studded Shaping Leggings

I am a big fan of garments that multitask. If you can get a Halloween costume and it be something you can wear casually or to work depending on what the items is then it is a win win situation for both you and your wallet!

Tonight could be bedlam with you in this seductive look: Sleek Arabella Brown corset with brown leggings and a soft lace bra for an interesting peek at what might come later. Silver goggles complete the fantasy.

Atomic Ray Goggles

Steampunk Pocket Watch

Black Patent High Heel Pump

The outfit styling above is just one of dozens of combinations available to any plus size shopper willing to be creative with lingerie and the holiday season. A word of advice. If you are looking to go with the specific character motif you may want to stick to the mainstream channels when it comes to choosing your Halloween costume and lingerie for that matter. If you are looking to take a walk on the wild side then I suggest you bookmark Big Gals Lingerie. Not only does this website offer styles up to 12X, but depending on your choice you can choose the fabric and and it custom designed to your unique curves.

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