Plus Size Modeling Is Off And Running In 2012

Plus size modeling is on a roll and 2012 is only two days old! Both Evans and Style 369 conducted searches for plus size models to represent the respective brands at the end of last year. With the bad taste of the American Apparel models search behind us we can concentrate on the positive aspects of plus size modeling for the new year.

With more plus models making pages on Twitter and Facebook they are making it easier for modeling agencies to see the plethora of gorgeous plus size ladies out there who are looking to break into the modeling industry.

Why the rush of plus size models, contests, and everything else?  The simple answer is money.  In the clothing industry the plus size niche is one of the few that has seen any type of growth.  The 2012 projections are well over $100 billion in sales for men and women combined.

The other side of the coin but still connected to plus size modeling is with more clothes available there is a bigger demand by ladies to see women who look like them modeling.

Though the industry says that a plus size model is between a size 8-14 there are ladies like Rosie Mercado, Fluvia LacerdaAllison McGevna, & LaTonya Mann who are showing the critics you can be a size 18 and up and still do fabulous things in the plus size modeling world.

2011 saw many models and agencies come to the limelight.  I predict that there will be a continued surge of plus size models coming out in particular I think that there will be more models who will make it big in the United States instead of just internationally.

Considering my feelings on plus size modeling these are the ladies I feel will make a big impact this year:

plus size model - fluvia

Fluvia made a huge splash on the international scene last year.  Lets hope the plus size modeling community in the United States sees the same thing as companies in other countries.

plus size model -ashley

Ashely Graham has filled the vacant spot in the United States for the plus size modeling poster girl.  I wish that the establishment would realize there are hundreds of beautiful ladies out there who can rock it just as hard.

plus size model -tara

Tara Lynn is the plus size modeling wild card for me.  She looks stunning in all of the shoots I have seen her in but I think that she has not got the attention she so richly deserves.  2012 will be her year.

There are many other ladies who are independent plus size models who are making a splash.  Other ladies sure to make a splash are included in the post My Favorite Faces of 2011 on Curves and Chaos. The underground plus size modeling world is allowing them to get the experience needed to take things to the next level.  Plus size modeling will continue to grow just like the plus size fashion industry.  Who are your favorite plus size models and who do you think will make 2012 the year of the plus size model?

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