Plus-Size Models: Will America’s Next Top Model Ever Get It Right?

Do you think the model in the picture is a representation of what you think of when you think about a plus-size model?  Every since Toccara Jones appeared on America’s Next Top model Tyra Banks has supposedly had the back of larger models being represented in the industry but is this really a true depiction of a plus model?

Putting on MBA hat –

I just learned reading the Huffington Post that Tyra Banks just went through an accelerated version of the Harvard School of business to earn her MBA and having just finished the coursework for my MBA from Ashford University I am confident that Tyra had to take or at least be introduced to the concepts of Consumer Behavior and Strategic Management.  Without boring you basically knowing these concepts combined with 15 cycles of the show she should know what the behavior of the modeling industry is completely and to have a plan to incorporate plus models into the program for real.

Taking off MBA hat –

Now don’t get me wrong I think that Kasia is a beautiful young lady and must be serious about her career to make the decision to appear on the show but does not fit the average size of what is considered plus size which is a size 14.

What is the definition of a plus model?  I thought since ANTM has been missing the mark I should revisit this subject.  Unfortunately, the industry is broken down into two areas which makes things confusing.

The industry definition of a plus model is any model that is above a dress size 8-10.  Most designers fit models are even smaller than this sparking the debate about healthy runway models that ANTM seems to have an easy time perpetuating.

In the real world definition of a plus model the rest of the world can look on any corner of the planet and see the average dress size world wide is a 14-16 and ladies want to see fit models in that size range or larger to get a true depiction of the plus size silhouette.

With an advanced degree in hand as well as a wealth of experience in the modeling industry why is someone like Trya Banks doing such a poor job of visually representing the plus model while continuously speaking the need for larger models in the industry?

In my opinion Tyra does not want to take the risk of upsetting the status quo and having the show that has become her bread and butter yanked from the air.  Are you a fan of the show and what do you think about when it comes to how the show attempts to address the plus model situation?

  • Eileen


    What is mine is mine. I too have been on both side of the sizes issue. I went from a size 5 at 5ft and 6in, worked a lot of runway modeling in my life time one of those diamond in the rough in the City of New York, Harlem. It is a hobby and a passion to me. Now I am still 5 ft and 6 in and about a size 16, and, can still work the runway that is mine. One has to remember you make the clothing look good not the other way around. The smallest or largest person with no curves it doesn’t look as good. It’s all in the attitude. A really good model can make anything look good because she or he is bringing it.

    I wish I can show you who I am no not just a picture I mean walking the run way. I would love to be one of the women to represent the full figure. I just don’t know where to start without running into a lot of road blocks. Thank you for your attention to the matter and opinion of mine.


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