Reintroducing Cool Big & Tall Men’s Clothes From Mighty Big Man

It is that time of the year in which I have to replace almost all of my clothes.  I am going to let a secret out.  Though I love writing for you ladies when it comes to my own shopping it is something I do not like it.  When I do shop I like for it to be painless and affordable.  For that reason I am glad I came across Mightybigman.com and its owner Doug Hill.

The long sleeve thermal shirt and jeans look has become my go to look when I do not feel like putting an outfit together.  With very cool clothes for today’s big and tall man (sizes XL-6X, jeans up to 56 waist and 36″ inseams- talls from XLT-4XTall) Mighty Big Man plays into my hard wired guy urge to be lazy.    A new website and new styles at  affordable prices are a definite plus making yours and my shopping experience totally painless.   With free shipping until December 10th you can’t go wrong.

My personal opinion is there is not anyplace online or offline in which you can get a pair of men’s big and tall pants for under $30.  Doug was nice enough to send me five pair of jeans to try out and to send back those that did not fit.  I ended up keeping two of the five and the only reason I did not keep the other three is because I miscalculated on the waist size.  For this reason fellas I recommend highly having yourself professionally measured in order to know were your true waist line is.  Hint: it is not below your belly.

If you have never checked out Mightybigman.com stop by and stock up on your casual clothing for this season and the next.  Check out MBM on Facebook and Twitter as well.


  • Mickey

    so wonderful!!!
    mbt shoes

  • http://whitesbigandtall.com/main.asp Derek

    Yes- I totally agree with getting professionally measured before ordering clothes. I’ve always had this problem and ordering big and tall clothes off the internet was a lot easier than getting my clothes tailored or just not fitting right.

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