Right FIT Jeans Exclusively at Lane Bryant

LBRight FitAs long as there has been talk about plus size fashion jeans have been a topic of conversation. Jeans are the one item of clothing that makes my wife and millions of plus size women worldwide cringe. Plus size retailer Lane Bryant has introduced a new to look in jeans called the RIGHT FIT.

This new way of shopping is the result of a study that combined technology, fashion and fit.  The concept behind RIGHT FIT are three shapes, straight, moderately curvy and curvy.   These different categories are what determine the type of jeans that are best for a particular figure.

By simple placing your waist size and your hip size the calculator shows you the type of jeans that are best suited for you. My wife put in her measurements: 40″ waist, 50-53″ hips which lead to BLUE 4 in the curvy shape category. Four examples of pants where given along with the description of how they should fit.

The next step was to select the type of jeans you liked. Clicking on the link will take you to another page to select the proper color. Note: Though her fit is a Blue 4 this additional option was made available. If your old Venezia jeans fit you well, select RIGHT FIT RED.

RIGHT FIT sizes are different from traditional sizes we found out. Though confused at first we where able to figure out by clicking on the size chart and comparing the numbers we used to find the category she is in to discover her Right FIT size is a 4. Now when someone asks her what size she is she can proudly claim she is a size 4.  Sizes are also available for petite and tall sizes. Right fit color chart

Armed with her right fit information she now is able to know the exact style of jeans that she can wear and not have to sort through and try on every pair of pants in the store to know what will fit her hips and curves.  She placed an order for her perfect jeans when they arrive I will post an update as to how they fit and if this new formula from Lane Bryant is all that it reports.

  • SteveD

    Glen you should try them. I have several pair, 2 from Catherines and one from Lane Bryant (Boot Cut that one). All fit great with no rear end baggyness. Hey guys wearing girls jeans is suppost to be in thing anyway.


    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson


      I don’t think that I will be going into Lane Bryant anytime soon to buy jeans. I have heard that men are wearing low riders is the in thing all I know its not for me.

  • ray p

    I have several pair for jeans from lane bryant and luv them they fit great no baggy ass and they are not all low riders.

  • JAY B


  • SteveD

    Right Fit pants (Jeans and Everything) are On-Sale until the 22nd March.

    30 bucks.

    Still love the fit!


  • http://www.queensclosets@gmail.com robin

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