Sewing and the Full Figured Person

When I was growing up there was always someone either in my family or a friend of the family that did a lot of sewing. And coming from a large middle class family where just about all of us where big then sewing was not only something that was a hobby for some but a necessity. Fast forward to today when we as Americans are larger now that before making clothes to fit our growing needs has become more important. Just a few years ago there was not really such a thing as a “Plus Size Pattern”, it was just the savvy of a veteran seamstress to take any patter and alter it for a larger person.

Though this was something that accomplished seamsters could pull off, for the people that didn’t have that level of skill trying to convert a pattern just lead to frustration. The answer to that was the “Plus Size Pattern”, patterns with a larger person in mind so all the person had to do was to buy the fabric cut out and start sewing. There are a few people such as Fashion Patterns that have patterns for sale at cheap prices. Her patterns where based on a size 28 so there should be no problem for a Full Figured person to find a pattern to suit there needs. She even gives the option to buy clothes,Fashion’s by Coni, if you are like me one of the people who can mend a garment but is all thumbs when it comes to sewing whole outfits. Though sewing for larger sizes has not broken into the world of high fashion as of yet as time goes on so will the popularity of Plus size people making clothing for there peers.

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