Sick Looking Runway Models Are Great Role Models

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After reading the article *Plus Size Models May Not Be Better Role Models which talked about the recent study Thinness and Obesity presented at the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference in London this thought came to my mind.

If fat models are not better role models, then thin sick models are for sure fantastic role models.  Just kidding, it is the sick looking thin models currently being used in print and on the runway that brought about the demand for larger more healthy looking models.Thank goodness for resources like Plus Model Magazine keeping larger models in the national conversation about size on the runway.

The London study, done years ago, obviously has not been paying much attention to the activities of Full Figured Fashion Week™ and other plus modeling events, blogs, and publications because if they had they would realize that no one is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, but size acceptance in general while taking size off the table. Today, most plus size women would prefer to see models like the Lane Bryant model than see and emaciated looking woman claiming to be plus size, or worse being Photoshopped into looking bigger.

Blanket statements like the one below are part of the discrimination problem and a major reason critics still seem to not get it when it comes to size on the runway. The issue is extremes of perception in modeling.  Just like it is not a good thing for extremely thin models to be pushed on the public, hence the title of this post, it would not be good to show extremely overweight models either. Since what is considered extreme is in the eye of the beholder I for one will not say what the ideal size on the runway should be but I will never go so far as to say that plus models will promote an obesity epidemic.

“If being overweight is the average condition and the ideal body weight is thin, increasing the ideal body weight may increase welfare by reducing social pressure. By contrast, health is on average reduced, since people depart even further from their healthy weight. Given that in the US and in Europe people are on average overweight, we conclude that these policies, even when are welfare improving, may foster the obesity epidemic.”

Honestly, the whole model ‘role model’ thing is quite over-rated.  In the plus community can we not count the number of models/celebrities that have dropped the ball as far as being role models to the community?  Star Jones, Mo’Nique, Jennifer Hudson, Crystal Renn, just to name a few. I the first place I do not think they were looking to be role models but embraced it until they fell to the pressures of being thinner.

The question remains, why does a runway model get the task of being a role model when all he/she is doing is their job?  I realize it may be more serious than that but I tend to think in more simple terms on how issues should play out.  What do you think about models in general being considered the standard bearers for the plus community?

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  • http://blog.cheaper-disability-insurance.com/ Alston Balkcom

    I think it depends on the crowd. The american standard of beauty is that women should be skinny, which is not the same in south america for instance.

  • http://www.aboutplussizebridalgowns.com/ riza @ plus size bridal gowns

    A good role model are not those who are on the runway, modeling. Being a good role model must not take about who has the good figure and who are good looking.

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