Size Acceptance: A Lifestyle Choice or State of Mind?

“People attack fat people because of the inadequacies they feel about themselves.”

Size acceptance is a state of mind in my opinion, but on the other hand a lifestyle choice that potentially creates problems between those who love each other. I asked my wife who is a size 20 if she could think of any instance that someone dumped on her because of her size.  After struggling with the thought the only thing that came to her mind were comments made by her family. “You can lose weight if you walk fifteen minutes in your back yard. I am just thinking about your health. I don’t mean any harm but…”

The lifestyle choice portion of size acceptance comes via thinking positively and focusing that positive thinking in different areas of your life. Instead of focusing solely on the pain and negativity I have enlisted the help of plus model Olga Gonzalez-Ramos, who long time Full Figure Plus readers will remember from our work together years ago to give a different perspective.

Do you think that size acceptance is a state of mind or a lifestyle choice
I believe its a bit of both. A state of mind yes, we have to be strong and open minded about the fact that everyone is different and this is how we all evolve. We would be bored to death if everyone ate the same or looked the same. It is a lifestyle, in which all of society should choose to accept and respect everyone’s wishes without the nasty remarks and negative thinking. I respect a thin woman, some walk around with their bones popping out and their hair is thin and brittle and they have no energy, they aren’t eating right, they aren’t healthy, but you don’t see me pointing fingers and trying to make their life a living hell.

How did you get involved with about curves
It was just fate, but here it goes. I got an email from Kristen their Marketing Director asking me to support their blogathon campaign. Being the genius that I am, I asked who was the ‘spokesmodel’ for this campaign. She told me no one. I told her, I was going to show my support by becoming the face of the campaign and she loved the idea. She ran it by Robin the CEO and she loved it too. Two days later, I am headed to Baltimore to do a lingerie shoot for About Curves this was separate to the campaign, but since I was the ‘spokesmodel’ for the campaign it made sense to have me shoot the new lingerie line. Loved it all. So excited.

Do you think plus sizes are becoming more mainstream?
Yes and it was about time. I am all for it, I waited a long time for all of these positive changes to come about.

What does your husband think about you modeling?
Funny you ask. He was the one that got me started. He adores me, loves my brand and how I show our kids to love themselves no matter what, and no matter who.

Do you think people discriminate against people of size based on their own shortcomings?
Yes, I do. People don’t like change too much or some just cannot adapt to it. They fear being the end of the joke, so they try and turn us into the joke, so they can laugh and not be laughed at.

Do you think there will come a time when size acceptance causes are no longer needed?
I would love to answer yes, but there will always be that one negative person who just feeds off of other peoples pain and those are the people that keep on coming. So I have to keep on fighting as well as you and all of our curvy outlets. It is the whole good verses evil bit.

Thank you to Olga for helping me out to point out some of the good that can come from size acceptance. A wise woman told me once to “Live your lifestyle, and your life will be fruitful.” Love your body no matter what and answer “yes” to the question “Do You Love Your Body?”

  • http://www.curvaciouslyyours.com olga

    Special thanks to this amazing CURVY blog, Glen LOVE ya.

    • http://www.fullfigureplus.com Glen L Johnson, MBA

      My pleasure Olga. Loves ya too.

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