Television Show Helps Big Girls Look Good Naked

Purple Bra and Panty SetThere is a new Lifetime reality show called How to look Good Naked in which Carson Kressley from Queer Eye fame shows ladies how to accept the reality of how they look. Size acceptance in America is borderline obsessive compulsive disorder. Part of the reason that Full Figure Plus exists is to help ladies and a few men deal with size acceptance in a positive way. I bet your wondering where the naked part comes in. Carson asks the ladies to take a look at their body in a 360 degree mirror in just bra an panties. Ok, so it only part naked the rest comes later.

My wife is one of millions of plus size ladies that have issue with parts of their bodies. For her its the rolls of her stomach. Though I have no problem with her body I understand what she is thinking. Its all about perception. Ladies are bombarded daily with images of super skinny models as the standard for beauty even though men like me are constantly saying its not a good thing for a grown woman to look like a teenage boy.

When Carson took Layla into Lane Bryant to talk to a Cacique specialist some interesting facts were revealed. The first fact is that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. I have written about this before so it was no surprise. What did shock me was the consultant saying that 10% of a bras support come form the straps the other 90% comes from the band. In conversations that I have had with my wife about her bras we talk more about the straps than the band which means we have focused on the wrong areas. In other words, wrong fitting bras equal a distorted body image in the mirror adding to the perception that big is not beautiful.

After flaunting the young lady in her bra an panties to the rest of the store it was finally coming out that Layla was finally seeing her hips and curves as sexy. She also came to the conclusion that no amount of diet can change the perception. The final step was for her to pose nude for a professional photographer. Though apprehensive at first she agreed and was glad that she did it. Told you there would be nudity involved.

On the website there are different features including a message board for visitors to post comments. After a quick scan it was clear that the fat and gay bashers will be all over this. Regardless of what the critics think How to Look Good Naked will raise a lot of questions that need to be answered and hopefully help ladies and some men be honest about the perception of beauty involving larger women.

  • http://www.belle-noir.com Ms. Aja B.

    I adore this show! I couldn’t wait to see it when I saw the commercial with Carson walking down the street and all of the women stripping down to their bras and panties. I thought to myself–“wow, I could NEVER do that!” And I think that is the point of the show. We are ALL sexy. If we can be comfortable with the skin we are in, we can be comfortable walking down the street everyday.

    My favorite part of the show: when Layla’s nude portrait is on the side of the building and this guy says “Yeah, she is hot!” and his skinny girlfriend looks so horrified that he would even say such a thing! Second favorite was the couple in the LB store and when Carson asks dude if Layla looks sexy in her bra & panties, his girlfriend’s head whips around SO FAST! Carson cleaned it up so well by saying “He can look, but not touch!”

    I think I just blogged in your comments section, my friend. LOL! I might have to transfer this elsewhere!

  • Glen

    yes you did blog and did a great job. it is about perception. carson did a good job of helping layla out to see her inner beauty.

  • http://yummy411.blogspot.com kia

    can i just say that you are doing a fabulous job on this blog! when i first subscribed i had no idea the author was a man, but it just shows the true love of a curvaceous body!

    thanks for doing this blog and this post. interesting that the support comes from the band. can i share with you that i had to abandon Victorias Secret when i began to gain weight (no surprise there, huh?). there was never real support anyway. then i discovered full figured bras– minimizing, thick straps, underwire or no underwire… even though there was support and no bouncing, i didn’t feel that i looked nice. i then took a tip from my thinner sister— i wondered why all of her bras gave her beautiful shape. she wore the type of bras that i was afraid of: those with that padded shaping. it’s even more frightful when in full figured sizing, like warrior princess garments. afraid or not, i tried it on to see what the results would be because i’m always striving for great lift. i always start with the inexpensive when experimenting so this was done at target. i got the warrior princess padding bra, slim straps and i’ve been so happy. decent support, great lift and enough room for a sexy bit of bounce; not stiff baggage. i wonder what Carson would say about the cup design? outside of the ‘warrior princess’ padding, i’ve found that three sectional bra cups work well (one section at the top, and the bottom divided into two) as you will commonly see two sectional bras.

  • Glen


    Thank you. As I have said in the past I started blogging to help my wife and 3 years later its running itself. You make some good points about the “warrior princess” padding. Though my wife has found her true calling in the Balconette style of bra when you are talking a size 42G the options are slim…..never encountered three sectional bras will have to look into them.

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