The Do’s and Don’ts of How Full Figured Women Look

Reader QuestionsQuestion: How to make a full figured women look smaller?

Answer:  Look at her once she loses weight (Holywood Squares answer of course)

This question actually hit my email last week, but I was not sure how to answer it.  I put it on the back burner to give it some more thought then suddenly the answer came to me.  It’s all about fit.

Pause for reality check: 

When it comes to how you look and your size there is no magic trick that will make those around you see you for anything other than what you are.

Resume transmission…

As I stated earlier it is all about fit.  Nothing will make you look bigger than you are that clothes that don’t fit properly.   When it comes to how you look:


  1. Always wear clothes that fit properly.
  2. Have clothes altered to your unique figure.
  3. Try to choose colors and patterns to compliment your skin tone.
  4. Look for styles that compliment your hips and curves.
  5. Buy quality clothes only.


  1. Do not wear clothes that are to tight or to loose.
  2. Do not have a closet full of clothes that are only black.
  3. Do not resort to mens clothes.
  4. Men do not resort to womens clothes.
  5. Do not buy styles that make you look bigger than you actually are.

As you can see it really comes down to common sense in regard to the look of a plus size woman and her clothes.  What will work for one woman will not work for another.  What will make a full figured woman look smaller is being smart about shopping choices and realizing there is no magical outfit, color or style that will instantly make someone drop five dress sizes.

  • vesta44

    Actually, I’ve learned over the years what styles look good on me and those are the ones I stick with. My main problem with purchased clothing is that most of what is available is not made specifically for fat women. It’s average size clothing made larger. So what I have done, once I have tailored my purchased clothing to fit the way it should, is when it wears out, I take it apart and use it as a pattern for new clothing. Luckily I have been sewing for 40 years, so I have quite a bit of experience at this. I began tailoring my clothes because I was tired of blouses with shoulders halfway to my elbows because I have a large bust and that was the only way to get tops that fit my bust and hips. I got tired of slacks whose waist hits just under my bra band because I don’t have a huge stomach to take up that extra rise in the front. I also got tired of pants with short legs (not all fat women have short legs, I have a 32″ inseam).
    As far as fashion goes, I could care less. I wear the colors I like, the styles I like, with the comfort that I like and if it’s not “fashionable”, who gives a rat’s azz.

  • Anonymous

    Great point, especially altering your clothes to fit your figure.

  • Moviegirlerica

    I just got my second pair of boots with a wide calf circumference from them and I have NEVER been able to find a pair of boots before in my life! They have nice fashionable styles – all the stuff that the skinny calf women are wearing! Their customer service department is great too since they answer you within a few hours and they are very nice and helpful. Every single boot on their site comes only for wide calves so you don’t waste your time looking through sites to find out that nothing will fit you. I never thought I’d be able to find a pair of boots for my big legs and I also wear a wide width too (thanks Grandma!) as if one thing wasn’t enough. What a great place to shop – you’ll love their stuff.

  • Husband of large lady

    Your list of “don’t”s isn’t meaningful.

    A lot of teen boys who are heavy wear baggy clothing – they look OK. A lot of teen girls who are heavy wear clothing that is way too tight. They do not look good.

    Men’s off the rack clothing typicaly goes up to chest size at least 72, and there is a lot at 78 or more. Men’s clothing waist can go to 80 or higher. Men’s clothing does not adjust the hips so women cannot usually wear men’s pants at the same size waist.

    Women’s clothing, on the other hand, does not go above 56 or 58 in bust and rarely above about 65 in hip. There is nothing out there off the shelf for larger sizes for women.

    My wife is considerably bigger than any off the shelf clothing available – but she does not look extreme (she is also prety tall) – there must be a lot of women who have a similar situation. She really can’t fit into the large size men’s stuff except football player jerseys and so on. That kind of clothing is not attractive at all.

    So the market out there recognizes that very heavy men are common – but has neglected large women.

  • Glen


    You make good points but I disagree that anyone wearing clothing that is extra baggy looking good.

    As far as womens clothing I agree there is not much off the shelf for larger ladies to wear that is where the internet and this blog come into play.

  • Mr Husband

    Kids (boys especially) look ok with the baggy clothing look – but it is childish too, and not something to strive for by any means.

    As far as clothing available for large F, try to find any clothing commercially avalailable for a person with 1st four clothing measurements 56/68/55/74. I can’t do it. But this isn’t even close to the far end of available sizes for men

  • sassyb

    A full figure woman must not make herself look smaller. She must make herself look full with comfort and accept the fact she is a lovely lady in God eyes.

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