Understanding Size Conversions From Other Countries

It is confusing enough when it comes to size in terms of plus size fashion without throwing international sizes into the mix.  With that in mind what is an excited shopper supposed to do when it comes to finding the perfect item at a store based in a country thousands of miles away?

Wild Floral Top

It would take to much time and be to confusing to try and post conversions for the over fifty standards I have come across when it comes to sizes and other countries so I will give you some basic tips that will handle most major countries.  If I skip plus size fashion conversion tips for your country it is not on purpose.

If you decide to shop online in stores located in other countries there are a few simple rules you should consider to make your experience better.

  • Make sure you understand the size conversion rate when making your selection
  • If the site doesn’t have a currency converter on the site they are available via a Google Search
  • Read the return, refund, exchange policy VERY careful. Most sites have very specific guidelines regarding international orders
  • Consider traveling to the country that the store is located in. That is if you have the resources to do so

For example as you can see from the chart below a size 20 in the US is a 22 in the UK a size 50 in France and a size 54 in Italy.  For those hung up on numbers only this may be a bit depressing but think about it from this point.  The US uses standard measurements and the rest of the world uses the metric system so the numbers will be different but the dimensions or the size of a size 20 across the planet will pretty much be about the same for people of the same height that is.

If you have been reading Full Figure Plus for any amount of time you know that the size on the tag was not meant for consumers but for companies to keep inventory of their stock.  In the late 20th century when fast fashion became popular the size on the tag became more important than actual fit which has its own problems no matter what country you live in.  The bottomline is no matter where you shop you should take into consideration your actual measurements instead of the number on the tag which varies from country to country.

International Size Chart

Understanding your own plus size silhouette is more important than the international sizes.  The smart savvy plus size consumer will know about both and be able to shop without fear of problems in regard to a countries size specifications. Regardless as to what your particular online shopping methods are taking these simple steps into consideration can help you out in the long run in making your size selections.

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