Urban Outfitters Know Plus Sizes

Toccara JonesA Google search lead me to the plus size fashion blog Thick Misses to read about Toccara Jones modeling for Rocawear and the I Will Not Lose ad campaign.  While reading and commenting I started to think about urban clothiers and plus size fashion.  Without even giving much effort hip hop and urban designers have been making clothes for plus size women and big and tall men quietly from day one.

For example the Steve Harvey Collection of suits was featured right along side Monif C. Plus Sizes during the B.E.T. Rip the Runway show earlier this year.  Applebottoms have always carried plus sizes then expanded their size range late last year.   Baby Phat also carries plus sizes.  Not only are there casual clothes for plus sizes in this genre of clothes but there are clothes available to wear to the office.

Why is this so?  I think that in many cases urban clothiers are plus size themselves, therefore it makes sense for them to design clothes that they personally can wear.  I never really noticed this before becuase I am not the target audience for this type of clothing.  From ages 5-35 make up the majority of customers for this type of clothing.  Being that I am over forty the fact that I even still listen to hip hop is something that my kids laugh about.  To see me dressed like the latest artists on stage is too scary for even me to think about.

Does this mean that these designers many, of whom do not have the backing of the mainstream fashion industry are on to something that eventually will cause a shift in how size is depicted on the runways?  I think so.  All of the events that happened in Italy are not coincidental in nature.  Urban outfitters are already making millions of dollars while being know mainly to individuals in there community.  With the predictions of the direction that plus size fashion is going to take in the next five years, they will already be a step ahead of mainstream fashion in catering to plus sizes.

Though I think that urban clothiers are in tune with the pulse of plus size men and women. I still feel that there is a problem when it comes to styles.  With a large portion of the styles offered consisting of mainly of jeans and casual type shirts with the designers logo on them.  There are not many professional styles available.  In order to take full advantage of each clothing niche, urban clothiers will eventually have to deal with customers that want more than a “going to the club look.”

What do you think about how the urban lines of clothes handle plus size individuals?  What has your experience been trying to find your size in the styles that you like?

  • http://www.babyphat.com Veronica

    I found their sizes run big. so even though it may be a medium it can fit you like a large.

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