Ways to Ensure Homecoming 2012 is the Best Ever!

Homecoming is the right of passage for high school and college girls all over the country.  Every year this event comes up and millions of young ladies are caught off guard as to the amount of work it takes to make this day not only special, but the best day ever.  Breaking it down to manageable components is not as hard as you may think.

Considering for most schools Homecoming 2012 will happen at some point next month that does not give you and your plus size homecoming diva much time to prepare, but it can still be pulled off.

Most of these tips will make the typical teen and tween’s eyes roll back in their head, and cause mom and dad to instantly grow grey hair, but fear not pre-planning on your part will only leave you time to take pictures to record the moment.


For guys this is no problem, but for larger teens finding the perfect dress can be a traumatic experience without time to browse.  Most teens do not want to wear the same dress their mother wore twenty years ago to Homecoming. Enter Sydney’s Closet to the rescue. With dresses going up to a size 44 and many available to be purchased without special alterations any plus size teen can find the perfect dress without a problem.


Nothing is worse than getting a pair of shoes that are so uncomfortable that you will not be able to make it through the night wearing them. It may be popular to wear the 5″ platform heels with the red sole, but if your knee or ankle gives out then one of the best nights will become a nightmare.  Payless and Zappos are two great stores that not only have low-cost alternatives, but offer wide width shoes for just about all size.


Simple is better when it comes to accessories to be worn to any Homecoming event.  In particular for football in which you will be on a field that may be grass and during the Fall it is likely to be wet. Simple necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and shawls should be to complete and outfit and not to distract from the rest of the evenings activity. Claire’s has cranked out fantastic accessories for decades and should be on your list of places to look into.


Considering you will be outside or for basketball inside a hot gymnasium, it would be to your benefit to wear as little makeup as possible.  Not only will it give you a fresh look, but will be one less thing you have to worry about before your time in the spotlight.  Regardless, E.L.F. Cosmetics has everything you will need to look your absolute best.

As for time frame for all of this to come together, try for no less than thirty days before the event.  This will give you time to have any dress alterations done, as well as breaking in shoes.  Nothing is more painful than breaking in a pair of shoes the day of an activity and having to end your stay because of an injury.

A few simple things can make Homecoming 2012 the best ever!

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